Why you need to know your subconscious mind power limits and how to increase it

To tap into subconscious mind power you firstly need to learn how to train the mind. Did you know that it is completely possible to change the way you think and behave if you have the tools to do so? One’s subconscious is aptly described as a “garden” and your conscious mind, the “gardener”. To ensure success in life and business, one consciously needs to symbolically plant beneficial seeds in one’s inner garden.

The importance of your subconscious mind power

Human evolution dictates that we have developed two psychological selves: the conscious self that takes action, and another, the subconscious, that monitors.


A healthy brain is constantly forming new connections and moulding itself into how it’s being instructed on how to operate. Take note that one’s beliefs and thoughts determine your feelings, which then dictate actions, and in turn, determine the quality of one’s life.

Why you need to know your subconscious mind power limits and how to increase it

Negative thoughts lead to negative actions, and so, negative patterns. This attitude blinds one to life’s inherent silver lining, as you fail to be optimistic and recognise opportunities. An important quality of the subconscious mind is that it is always “on”, recording every thought and experience.


When it comes to one’s heart, the subconscious communicates a sensory language of biological sensations and feelings, transmitted throughout the body’s nervous system. One’s thoughts thereby have the power to bestow health or sickness.
A priest who suffered from lung cancer was reported to transfer thoughts of perfect health into his subconscious by repeating a positive refrain (otherwise known as a “mantra” or form of prayer, which means “to think”) over a period of time, and managed to heal himself in the process.

The tools to improving your subconscious mind

Why you need to know your subconscious mind power limits and how to increase it

Before going to sleep, try the exercise of asking a pressing question you wish to have answered. One’s subconscious mind power will go to work and you may be pleasantly surprised upon waking. It may take multiple attempts to attain the desired results, however.
Practice positive self-talk. It will calm and centre yourself.


Create an uplifting mantra (it can also be a comforting sound). When feeling anxiety or stress, repeat the meaningful, personally crafted refrain. A further step is to select a body area to “ground” the positive vibration. The spot could be the heart, stomach, or even a problematic area. Place your hand on the bodily area as you repeat the prayer.


Use daily affirmations to stay on the success path. Affirmations are short, positive present tense statements that describe a desired outcome which conditions the subconscious. Put faith and feeling into it. Duration is not necessarily as important as repetition.


Avoid exposing yourself to the news first thing in the morning. Instead, listen to a motivational speaker or read an inspiring article or book chapter.


Attempt stream of consciousness writing. Set a time limit, and with non-judgement, write down everything that arises in the mind. Repeat the exercise on multiple occasions and then analyse the results to reveal possible life insights.


Employ dream interpretation. Make note of any recurring symbology in concepts, characters and objects, especially the more puzzling and vivid dreams. Some dreams can also be premonitions of the future.


It is a hallmark of emotionally intelligent individuals not to evade negative feelings and emotions, but to experience the full gamut of the human condition, albeit in a responsible way. Giving yourself permission on occasion to be vulnerable in safe environs, can be extremely freeing and satisfying, and is psychologically healthier for you than keeping unresolved wounds bottled up.


Keep the focus on what you love, while also allowing fears to calmly inform your choices, in a balanced way.


When it comes to bad habits and/or addictions, decondition yourself by exposing yourself to the trigger/s and then resisting. It requires much willpower, but can work. Be sure to come up with a positive alternative replacement as an override mechanism.

How a positive subconscious mind power will benefit you and your business

Why you need to know your subconscious mind power limits and how to increase it

Limiting beliefs produce fear-based feelings and emotions that activate the survival response. In survival mode, fear rules, and the brain shifts from a learning, receptive state to a closed, protective one, no longer open to influence or change.


Realise that it is usually one’s negatively perceived perception of events that cause defensiveness and/or painful feelings and emotions, not necessarily the events themselves.


One aspect that is common in almost every successful person is their belief system. Their subconscious mind empowers them with self-control, motivation, will power, and discipline. One’s thoughts do indeed become habits that form your character and shape life’s direction. Are you brave and willing to repeatedly analyse your life by examining your thoughts?


Efforts to make lasting change will be sabotaged by your ingrained subconscious beliefs if you don’t actively seek to make the subconscious conscious. This practice is one of the most profound techniques in tapping into your subconscious mind power.