Recognising our worst habit is crucial for successful self-development. The first step to conquering bad habits is to consciously become self-aware, in other words, to “Know Thyself”. This enables us to acknowledge any bad habits we may have that consistently sabotage our success. Here are some of the worst habits that you, as a self-employed person, can have.

Worst habit: Not counting your blessings

Focussing on the 10% of things that are wrong in your life, instead of the 90% things that are good, is a bad habit that sabotages your chances of happiness and success. Counting your blessings to ensures that you to see things in perspective and diminishes the power of negative thought, which can block your road to success.

Worst habit: Procrastination – not taking action

“Procrastination is ‘the art of keeping up with yesterday and avoiding today.’ “- Wayne Dyer.
Putting off tasks that should be accomplished today is a self-defeating bad habit that is an obstacle to success. Ask yourself why you are procrastinating and tackle the cause.

Worst Habit: Negative self-talk

Negative self-talk is one of the most dangerous bad habits you can have as it wrecks your self-esteem. The more you practice negative self-talk, the more your mind believes it – until eventually it becomes the truth! Focus on positive thoughts.

Worst habit: Blaming others or circumstance for failures

Putting the blame for your failures elsewhere is one of the most self-destructive bad habits you can have because you turn yourself into a victim of your own making. Take responsibility for your life and ask yourself: “What in me is responsible for this?”

Worst Habit: Satisfied with no plan or goals

You need to know where you are going, before you can go anywhere! Having no plan or goals is probably the worst habit you can have as you cannot set out to achieve anything in a purposeful and organized manner. You are like a sailor without a compass, adrift on the sea.

Worst Habit: Choosing a get rich quick plan for your business – or taking short cuts

There is no quick and easy way to achieving business success. A business requires hard work and commitment to succeed. Thinking otherwise is one of the worst habits any serious businessman can have.

Worst Habit: Quitting too soon, lack of perseverance

Elihu Root once said, “Men don’t fail; they give up trying.” Lack of perseverance is a bad habit that stops you from succeeding before you can! Giving up trying is to give up on success. Perseverance is an important key to success.

Worst Habit: The illusion of success and resting on your laurels

Some people think they have achieved success and that no further accomplishment is necessary, so they become complacent and stagnate. Others think they have achieved success but have no feeling of satisfaction. Success is not an end in itself; it is a sense of ongoing personal fulfilment and happiness.

These bad habits can be overcome. Realise that you have them. Understand the negative impact they do have on your journey to success. Take action to counter them. We will support you on this website on that journey. Enjoy your journey.