What do we expect from the Dream-It-Plan-It-Do-It website



The dream-it-plan-it-do-it website is about you if you are self employed or consider becoming self employed.

Why IS it about YOU, what to expect, you might ask…

For the reason that you feel frustrated of not being financially secure or for not having the lifestyle that you would prefer…. sounds familiar?

Keep reading…

You’re struggling with uncertainty, financial and/or lifestyle issues.

You can relate to these circumstances:

  • You’re employed and not satisfied, uncertain about your job, looking for alternatives, and the possibility of starting your own business has come to mind.
  • You’re employed and you want to become self-employed, but you’re afraid of the risks involved.
  • You’re unemployed and cannot find any work opportunities and you’re looking towards the possibility of becoming self-employed.
  • You’re employed and your financial income is just not getting you through the month, and you’re looking for other alternatives to generate an extra income stream.
  • You’re employed, but you’re struggling with daily battle of being motivated, becoming inspired or related issues.

You may have unfulfilled dreams… Sure, we’ve all had some of the following battles:

  • Your dreams of the past has faded away.
  • You’re reluctant to try or to start dreaming again as your dreams of the past never materialised due to the lack of trying.
  • You have big dreams and you’re afraid or uncertain how or where to start implementing them.

If any of the above is applicable to you, there IS a solution!

  • This website is for YOU!
  • This website means “work in progress” which I will assist you with.
  • It’s structured to help YOU create your OWN job!

What to expect: The solution

  • I don’t want to get into the trap of definitions and semantics. This web will be to assist the self-employed.
  • Whether the self-employed plan to develop a home based business, a micro-enterprise or a small business, is immaterial. You can be an entrepreneur or be entrepreneurial orientated.
  • I believe that the self-employed have elements of all these in their business model and have the same passion, skills, talents and attitude to make a success of his or her business.
  • This website will discuss various self-employment opportunities, work that can be done from home being a home based business which can develop into small or micro-businesses, and you must have an entrepreneurial way of thinking or orientation to succeed in any of these businesses.
  • People are struggling with the paradox of working for somebody else. If you are employed in a company and have a boss, you do not have job security. You can lose their job any day. Although you are sure that you will get a salary at the end of the month. Somebody who is self-employed cannot lose his job, he has job security, he is his own boss. He is unsure about his income, or salary at the end of the month. So there is a uncertainty in both these situations. Everybody must analise his/her biggest risk or uncertainty with regards to income and having a job.
  • The website will help you to analyze yourself and your strengths, etc. to determine what kind of business opportunity will be best for you. Many people are making the mistake of looking for business or self employment opportunities to get rich quick. Most of them are not successful because they are involved in an activity that is not their passion or skills. We will discuss these and many related issues of self analysis to assist you in developing a successful business.
  • The third section will cover the various areas of inspiration. You will be exposed to valuable secrets of successful business people, sport achievers, leaders in various spheres of life of how they have been able to succeed. These lessons will assist you to overcoming obstacles that you may encounter on your journey to reach your dreams.