What are your strengths? Know it to gain more business success

The world we live in today has taught us that anything we put our minds to can be done. Numerous motivational speakers spreads the message that was “mind power” we can overcome our weaknesses and become more powerful and effective by doing everything right. The problem in this scenario is that nobody is perfect, and will never be. It is an unnatural thought process and exercise to try and be the master of everything. Our strengths, and our weaknesses, are what makes us unique. By knowing yourself, you will discover something great on your journey to self-awareness… you will get to know what are your strengths. You will also become aware of your weaknesses and that is not a bad thing at all.

Today, I will share with you my thoughts on becoming more effective by knowing who you are as your most effective self. You will know what your strengths are and the importance of focusing on them. Similarly you will know your weaknesses and how you can use them to compliment your strengths.

Why knowing your strengths and weakness are important

What are your strengths? Know it to gain more business success

What are your strengths? It is those things you are good at and which you enjoy. Your strengths are the areas in your work and personal life where you naturally achieve success or are highly effective at. It can be a natural ability to organise teamwork or events. It can be a talent like singing beautifully, being able to paint impressively without formal training. Your strengths can be an acquired skill like selling products effectively or delivering inspiring speeches in front of a group or a crowd. Since every person is unique, your strengths can be almost anything!

Knowing your strengths is a key to a more fulfilled life. You should make time to focus on them and further develop them. Why? Since it is something that you are naturally good at, you should become the expert at what you are good at. Not only will you grow personally; it will also contribute greatly towards the growth of your corporate identity. Knowing what are your strengths and developing them will bring a sense of fulfilment to your life. Professionally it will provide you with immense job satisfaction and provide you with more motivation. This will drive you to grow your business by differentiating yourself as an expert in your field. Inevitably you will be a magnet for clients and reach a level of great business success.

Knowing your weaknesses is just as important. You should accept that there are areas where other individuals excel at more than you do and take advantage of their ability and expertise to provide the best and most complete product or service. You should get to a place where you identify that spending time on trying to achieve greatness on areas you are not naturally good at is a waste of time. Using that time to focus and further develop or exercise your strengths is far more effective and for the greater good of your business. It is good for you too. Knowing that you are good at what you do will certainly make you happier in life and lead you closer to achieving inner peace.

What are your strengths – How do you identify strengths?

What are your strengths? Know it to gain more business success

Much has been said about this topic in fine detail and with complicated explanations. I will try to keep it simple, like life should be. To know what are your strengths are, you should know yourself. I cannot articulate this enough. When becoming self-aware you will get to know these things about yourself. A few handy exercises to identify your strengths during this period of self-discovery are:

  • Know your core beliefs. Your core beliefs are the ideas you think are true about yourself, others and life. Focusing on what you believe about yourself will show you what you feel good about and what you do not. The areas you feel good about are usually where your strengths shine through.
  • Do what comes naturally. Do a little bit of introspection to get to know your strengths. Imagine you can get up each morning and do something all day (or for a few hours uninterrupted at least) instead of going to a job where you feel unfilled. What is it that you will be doing? What is it you want to do? Is it something that you can do well? That might just be a strength!
  • Listen to your peers. Whether at work or at home, there comes a time when you are praised or complimented for doing something well. Identify and further develop it. Here is a small peak at my life story (thus far): My journey towards becoming an influential marketing professional started when my manager at the time repeatedly complimented me on my ability to get people engaged with my weekly newsletters I wrote on behalf of my clients. I thought I was only good at writing… But that was only part of the bigger picture. Today I am a well-respected marketing professional who develops businesses and establish their complete branding and marketing approaches based on their individual corporate identities. I am making a difference in the lives of others and I enjoy it. It all started by listening and identifying my own strengths.
  • Peek into your past. Think about your career thus far and identify the times where you feel you achieved something great. What was it that you achieved and how did you do it? What skills were needed to complete those tasks? You should know that these great achievements are a result of your strengths used in the process.
  • Tell yourself what you are proud of in yourself. This point closely resonates with your core values and past achievements. Take a notebook and write down all the things you feel proud of yourself for. Read them and compare it with the steps above. I am sure you will start seeing some similarities and come to know your strengths.

Remember that it will take time to know your strengths. Some might surface right away while some will only reveal themselves once you get to know yourself much better. Be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey of self-discovery and personal development!

What are your strengths | What should you do about your weaknesses?

What are your strengths? Know it to gain more business success

Having weaknesses is not a bad thing. Realising that it does not make you weak empowers you to use your weaknesses to your benefit to grow stronger as an individual. Being aware that you are not good or effective at something is a wonderfully humbling experience. You weaknesses should make you appreciate your peers for being good at what you are not effective at. This is an ideal tool to build team spirit and a sense of appreciation in your business, or build meaningful relationships away from work. Importantly, your weaknesses should amplify your strengths due to the fact that you consciously choose to do what you are good at.

Weaknesses should not be ignored. While spending time on your strengths you should not omit necessary tasks required that you may not be good at. I am simply saying that you should focus on your strengths to develop them and that practising what are your strengths will lead to business success. As your business grows you can find staff to strategically fill the gaps where your strengths are not present.

What are your strengths – How can you develop your strengths?

What are your strengths? Know it to gain more business success

When you know what are your strengths, you have already started the all-important task to develop these strengths. Knowing who you are and what you are good it opens the door to a much better and more effective life. Developing strengths might each have a different method, but a few general exercises are:

  1. Make it a habit. Become aware of situations in daily life where you can apply or exercise your strengths. If your strength is not something that occurs regularly in everyday life, you should create opportunities to use it, e.g. creative writing or playing an instrument.
  2. Underplay your weaknesses. Wait – why does weaknesses feature in this section? Well, it is human nature to focus more on what we cannot do than what we can do. This is not productive and steal time that can be more effectively used to focus on your strengths. Use your time wisely to grow.
  3. Challenge yourself. Set realistic goals for yourself to develop your strengths and keep on trying until you succeed. Exercise makes perfect.
  4. Surround yourself with like-minded peers. While those you surround yourself with do not have to possess the same strengths, it is important that they all should have the same culture of self-development and support for each other. This is a positive environment to develop and grow your strengths.

What are your strengths – Conclusion 

Discovering and knowing your strengths, as well as your weaknesses, is an empowering journey you can use to uplift yourself, your peers and your business. Your strengths are something you are naturally proud of and highly motivated towards. This can only be a recipe for business success. Thus understand what are your strengths develop it and achieve your dreams.