How Vulnerability helps you grow professionally is part of Lucas de Beer’s training course for Artrepreneurs (artistic entrepreneurs) brought to you in collaboration with

The program examines the topic of Facing your dragons in order to grow strong professionally and, how to grow strong through being vulnerable.

The program shows that the gamble, and the risks artrepreneurs need to face, can be summarized in a single word: vulnerability. This word is particularly interesting as its core meaning is ‘wound.’ So to be vulnerable really means to be ‘woundable’. The difference is this, that the woundability of the artist is a chosen one.  De Beer explains that our first wound dates back to our vulnerable childhood years. How we reacted in defence to being wounded at this early time became the archetypal pattern of how we react to all other wounding for the rest of our lives. He uses relationships such as floundering marriages and divorce as examples of how we react to being wounded; and especially business relationships where one is also particularly vulnerable when investing or going into partnerships with others. The relationships we engage in only become real and trusting the moment we decide to lay down the ego.

The topic examines the nine different ways in which people react to defend themselves from further wounding. These defences include: becoming perfect, helping others, achieving great things, being unique and different, gaining knowledge, living cautiously, ignoring pain, being in control and avoiding conflict.

At the end of this video, you will be able to use the resources provided in your course dashboard to reflect on your own defences and how you can use this information to grow in your profession.

Quotes about grow professionally

“Investing time to learn something in your professional make you RICH in your KNOWLEDGE, if you are not then it will make you POOR in your PERFORMANCE.”  ― Sivaprakash Sidhu

“Always let your talent do the talking. Never your tantrums.”  ― Rasheed Ogunlaru

“Make sure the job you select complements your personal life the best.”  ― Abhishek Ratna

“Your personal and professional lives will have to go hand in hand and will have influence on each other.”  ― Abhishek Ratna