Each of us is driven by our passions; those things that energize us in life, the desire to make a contribution to mankind and one day leave the planet a better place. I do want to inspire you to these co-create possibilities with us. Learn how we can make a difference through cooperation.

The combination of these gives rise to the creation of our dreams— the why, how and what, we are likely to achieve during our life on earth.

It is sometimes risky to share these dreams with others because it could be shot down by some people as being impossible to achieve, rather than them focusing on why it can be done. A friend of mine has always said, “Never share your dreams with a non-dreamer!”  People tend to be negative – the glass is always half-empty instead of half-full. However, I am going to be frank and share my dream with you, irrespective of the reaction.

After my retirement I did an in-depth self-analysis of my passions, strengths, needs, desires, experiences, and much more. I have done a lot of research through reading and interviewing people, to decide why, how and what contribution I needed to make in order to develop the goals I would like to achieve.

Consequently I have narrowed my research towards:

  • Making a difference in the lives of people.
  • Making use of my interest in new developments in technology.
  • Integrating my strategic thinking ability with my interest in technology and business trends.
  • In the process I want to use my strength of ideation—generating, developing, and communicating new ideas— thereby making a difference in the lives of people.

I firmly believe that:

  • As human beings we all have undeveloped skills and talents.
  • We live in a world of abundance – there is enough on the planet for everyone to enjoy a plentiful life.
  • The technology and expertise is available to us to develop the undeveloped skills and talents of mankind (of each person on earth).
  • The development of the untapped potential of human beings is the key to a happy, balanced life of self-actualization for all of us.

I cannot understand…

  • That despite the exponential growth of knowledge, the world cannot solve one of the most basic problems of humanity – undeveloped human potential. This failure gives rise to poverty, unemployment and the many other related social problems we face.
  • Why we cannot use technology to fast-track and optimize human potential.

These questions and self-analysis helped me to formulate a journey to develop a plan to tackle the problem. On this journey of research and self-analysis that lasted a few years, I have done amongst other things the following:

  • Learned about the internet, web design, digital marketing, social media, SEO and many other internet business development strategies; because I realised the significant value of using technology to help people develop untapped potential.
  • Researched opportunities for developing human potential; what is available on and off the internet.
  • Built a network and team of internet business development experts who can support me on my journey.
  • Acquired a network of human development experts who can support me in the development and planning of content.
  • Identified a plan and accessed a few very exciting techniques and new technologies for human development.


Through this research I formulated my dreams

My Vision Statement

To co-create a stable socio-economic planet with possibilities for everyone.

My Mission Statement

Empowering people to truly enjoy a life of possibilities and abundance.

My Slogan

Your freedom to flourish.

My Elevator Pitch

We support people in discovering and optimising their personal and/or business potential – live a life of abundance.

I realised that in order to implement my dream, I needed to break it up into manageable units, and so I focused the first phase on the development of Gen X Entrepreneurs in the developing world.

The reasoning is that through the development of Gen X Entrepreneurs:

  • We (our team) will be able to stimulate ‘people development’ the fastest.
  • Their development will have a chain impact on the lives of many other people; their families and the people they do, or can, employ.
  • There is a big need because there are not many opportunities offering them integrated personal and business development.
  • It is a niche market that can be developed as a ‘win-win’ business opportunity.

Research has proved that each successful self-employed individual employs on average five other people, making a difference in the lives of their families.  The project can thus make a difference in the lives of many people.

The first step was to refine the dream.


This  project to co-create possibilities was refined

Our Slogan

Committed to growing Gen X Entrepreneurs – building a better tomorrow.

 Our Vision statement

Unlocking the personal and business potential of Gen X Entrepreneurs – truly enjoy a life of possibilities 

Our Mission

We support entrepreneurs in blending their personal, business and social life to achieve personal self-fulfillment.

Our Elevator Pitch

We integrate expertise to support and assist self-employed entrepreneurs to develop financially sustainable businesses, enabling them to enjoy a full and balanced lifestyle.


The  set of values to co-create possibilities will be the guidelines for the team working with the project

Our Value System

We believe that successful entrepreneurs are characterised by their ability to expertly blend their personal, business and social lives in order to achieve and enjoy personal fulfilment.

Therefore our basic values and beliefs are:

Gratefulness and Hope

We believe that all human beings have untapped potential which can be optimized if we are willing to dream big about the future, take action and not allow our mindsets to limit us. With this in mind, we can help you to become grateful and hopeful in your personal and business life, enabling you to live the life that you dream of.

Passion, Support and Commitment

We are passionate about optimizing personal potential; we are committed and devoted to supporting business people to develop themselves and achieve business mastery.


We strongly believe that all individuals have unique personal skills, talents and knowledge, which they should be willing to share with others for mutual development, optimization of personal abilities, and business mastery. The great benefit of this cooperation is that all of us will become winners in our personal and business lives.

Positivity and Enrichment

We believe that by surrounding ourselves and working with positive people towards a shared purpose, we will naturally enrich the self-confidence, self-esteem, optimism and gratitude in the lives of our clients, supporters and compatriots.

Integrity, Honesty and Mutual respect 

We can only ’live’ these values through integrity, honesty, mutual respect and mutual support through communication, irrespective of the circumstances.


We will strive for excellence in our service and support, using relevant, up to date technology and expertise to achieve this end.

People are important to help implement the project. A team of experts who believe in our vision were therefore selected. People who are willing to make a contribution to mankind, who subscribe to the basic values that guide our project, and who can make a technical contribution towards the overall goal of the project.

I am inviting people who would like to make a real difference in the lives of others, to contact me and join our team. It is important that members of our team are willing to subscribe to our basic values, vision and mission. This should be an integral part of the values of every team member in order to be able to be of service to our clients.

If you would like to see how this project can contribute to your development click here and visit our website.