We will shortly be launching exciting new products to assist Generation X Entrepreneurs gain more insight into their businesses. This will empower those who have an existing business to develop it to the next level.


This journey for Gen X entrepreneurs is designed to unleash their true potential, have a thriving business, and a balanced lifestyle. It is a continuous journey of learning, analysis, change and improvement.


The Gen X Entrepreneur can gain a valuable insight into how to optimize his own business in various ways. Using more than one method has proven to help the entrepreneur make better progress on his journey to achieve his personal and business dreams.


We will thus introduce the different business and learning experiences which will assist them to make the best and fastest progress in their business and personal development.


The main categories of learning experiences will be via:

  • Online eLearning experiences focusing on the unique needs of Gen X Entrepreneurs.
  • Webinars focusing on their needs.
  • A series called: Lessons from Inspirational Entrepreneurs.


The learning and development experience in the last section will be focusing on two of the best learning and development techniques. Learning from role models and learning by asking questions.


In this section, you will gain valuable insights into the success formulas of inspirational entrepreneurs. We will guide you to benefit from the wealth of knowledge of these selected role models. The experience will consist of the following:

  • You will be able to listen to the video story of selected entrepreneurs and learn from their business experiences.
  • We will give you a few questions to ponder and help you learn from their experiences.
  • Then we will guide you on how to use these questions and apply the lessons in your own business.


This is a very powerful method of acquiring new knowledge, become exposed to new skills, and learn how to apply them. Learning to ask questions is a proven technique that helps in your success journey.


The practical video experience provides valuable lessons to be learned from inspirational role models.  Gen X Entrepreneurs will gain an insight into their thinking and strategies.


What can you learn from inspirational entrepreneurs as role models?

Research has proven the big impact role models have on the success of entrepreneurial businesses. Emphasizing a few:

  • Role models inspire: they can increase the morale, give hope, and give examples of how problems can be solved to achieve goals.
  • They provide concrete, complete, visible examples of what can be achieved and evidence that business problems can be solved. Role models often highlight the space between who we are and who we strive to be, providing a roadmap of how to get from point A to point B.
  • They motivate entrepreneurs with the examples they set, and demonstrate how to unleash our true potential. People improve better, faster and more purposefully if they have a role model who sets an example worthwhile following.
  • They can be an important guide to shape and refine your business ideas.
  • When you are in doubt, they can assist you in your thinking by answering the question: ”Why can’t it be done?”  and help you to manage a fearless ambition.
  • People you admire will have the biggest influence on your business and personal life. Find role models to emulate.
  • The core of what makes someone a role model is that they are actively achieving something that you want to achieve. They possess the following qualities:
    • Passion
    • A clear set of values
    • Commitment to their business, its stakeholders, and their community
    • The ability to overcome obstacles thrown at them
    • Are positive, creative thinkers
    • Sound core values, integrity, humility and integrity
    • Are focused on others, rather than on themselves


How can we learn from inspirational entrepreneurs as role models?

Learn to ask questions based on the practical stories these entrepreneurs tell.


The importance of asking questions:

  • It is the most important habit of innovative thinkers. If you want to innovate in your business you must learn to ask questions.
  • Gaining deeper insight into the challenges your business is facing, thus it assists with better decision making.
  • It is the most effective way of learning, exploring the unknown, and adapting to change.
  • It triggers deeper thinking that increases understanding and helps to clarify confusion in a business.


The ability to ask questions does not come naturally. It is like a muscle that must be developed. In this section we want to assist you to develop the ability to ask questions. The entrepreneur must learn to ask questions about himself, his plans and projects, and about his organization.


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