Why do you need to unlock your true potential in life?  

Discover why YOU are your biggest asset in life.

Secrets to my success

Do you realise that:

You have the skills and resources to realise all your dreams.

You possess all the talents, abilities and capacity required to enjoy a better and more fulfilled life.

The expertise is finally available to assist you to unlock your rightful potential

Proven methods and competent instructions are available to bring your true talents to the fore

Understanding and developing your full potential with our programs will:

Assist you in building self-confidence

Improve the ability to expand your business.

Help you recognize why you are in your chosen business.

Facilitate discovering genuine motivation

Reaffirm your purpose in life

Assist you in regaining inspiration

Re-organise and maintain your positive belief system

Why this is the best – guided & proven – success tool for the SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR

We have developed a unique online program which assists you to unlock your true potential. Through an engaged electronic medium, we provide the self-employed with exposure to a panel of experts supporting you to achieve your dreams is life.

The Program Framework:

Guided & interactive webinars
Information sessions
Practical & relevant assignments
Direct access to additional personal & business development resources
Business coaching

We take great pleasure in introducing some of our panel of experts and their areas of proficiency:

Liesel Teversham

Mindful Career Transition and Confidence Coach

CV & Background:

  • Business owner – Mindful Career Transitions
  • Business owner – Grow Yourself To Grow Your Business
  • Author – “The Up Side of saying No”

For years she has been successfully helping individuals comprehend, to manage their self-beliefs and habits. These paralyzing philosophies, which hamper the advancement of your personal, business and future growth can be understood and overcome.


Through her guidance and support, she instill in you the belief that YOU have the power to create your own reality. Together we discover that you are not a victim of your circumstances and that your thought process can be altered in order to give you the abilities to change your world. We explore the principle that life is not happening TO you, but you are responding to life. Finally the focus shifts to the amazing power of belief and how a healthy self-conviction will detrmine the success of your business

Program Focus:

During this part of the curriculum the emphasis falls on enabling participants with knowledge relating to the power of change and choosing success. We enforce the notion that, that which you apply yourself to, becomes your reality – it this case business properity.


We touch on:

  • Learning a variety of practical steps how to manage your self-beliefs and habits
  • Understanding how the conscious and subconscious minds differ
  • Creating a life of choice, in order to avoid reactiveness to outward circumstances
  • Realizing that blaming yourself for failures are counterproductive
  • See obstacles as opportunities

Eileen Herreilers

Strength-finder Coach & Relationship Management Professional

CV & Background:

  • BA degree in Psychology and Sociology; 1987 at Northwest university
  • Certificate in Diversity management: 1998 at Wits Business school
  • Coaching skills certificate; 2007 at The Coaching Center
  • Business owner: The Human Equation (2001 – to date)

She is a passionate and engaging person that enjoys growing and positively challenging people towards becoming their best version of themselves, whilst navigating pitfalls and opportunities on their journeys.


Her role as coach, facilitator and consultant is focussed on understanding the needs, challenges and opportunities people and then partnering with these individuals to identify and implement the correct tools and interventions towards a successful outcome. Her strategy hinges heavily on her own core strengths to obtain premium results. She is an achiever, who works incredibly hard and does so at impeccable standard. As an activator, she influence, inspire and ignite action. She communicates well through engaging and illustrative messages. Her persuasive nature enables her to the charisma to be able to work well with all groups through different levels. She remains connected and mindful of the nuances and patterns influencing all situations.

Program Focus:

  • Personal awareness of Strengths and the Strengths journey
  • Action plan to maximize the Top 5 Strengths
  • Internal and External relationships; how to understand and engage with collective strengths
  • Action plan to maximise the collective Strengths of the people you engage with, formally and informally
  • Focus and identification of needs linked to your Strengths
  • Strengths strategy
  • The Strengths journey will require some pre and post work in order to incrementally grow and develop insights, skill and experience for the delegate

This innovative program will launch shortly



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