How to unlock your underutilized potential and gain life success

Human potential is a truly facinating. Mainly because of the pleasant surpises it offers into the true abilities of individuals. More often than not, real potential is hidden and underutilized because of a lack of either selfworth or self-knowledge. In some cases these shortcomings combine to create a stumbling block in reaching personal and professional success. These bumps in the road can be overcome and the process can be taught. An intimate knowledge about yourself, your beliefs and fears are vital if you are to optimise your potential to become a successful self-employed entrepreneur.

The first step however is to realize the following THREE inter-personal capacities:


  • How your belief system allows for certain limiting convictions.
  • The reasoning behind starting a business or maintaining a business.
  • Recognizing your unique strengths, as well as how they are to be applied and developed

Realise that your belief system limits your ability to achieve success in life

Our personal beliefs play a huge role in how we view our success in life. Your opinion of your triumphs or disappointments will depend entirely on the structure of your personal beliefs. Beliefs are formed through repeated thoughts, and the only reason they hold any weight is because you’ve decided or agreed that they are true. Some of these limiting beliefs are:

  • The feeling of not being enough/not having enough
  • Having to work hard for money
  • Not deserving success
How to unlock your underutilized potential and gain life success

These things can seem daunting to try to change. And even when you do make a real effort, negative belief systems are often just too hard to overcome. But do not despair, because we are here to assist and to teach to you that a few steps exist, which you can follow in order to make the shift to positive, success-forming and decisively more empowering beliefs.


Simple steps to follow:


  • Stop identifying with the belief – when you identify with a belief it starts to define you and become your reality.
  • Rewire your conclusions – Whatever you think you know to be certain is usually a lot more flexible than you think.
  • Test your assumptions – Do something to break the pattern of your limiting belief. Exit your comfort zone.
Do something to break the pattern of your limiting belief

When you identify with a belief it starts to define you and become your reality

The incredible value of unlocking your underutilized potential

Accepting that YOU possess certain unique and skillful qualities, which others may not enjoy, is not always easy. Moreover, when you are crippled by self-doubt, baseless fears and low self-esteem this acceptance seems vitually impossible.


Initiating any change is a process , which starts by affording yourself permission to believe that YOU are special and that you are capable of unlocking your underutilized inner-greatness. You then proceed to discovering this excellence about yourself and become inspired to be taught how you can maintain it, improve it and ENJOY all-round success from it.


Here’s how:


  • Identify your skills by being on the lookout for those activities you perform effortlessly, but others struggle to master.
  • Once you’ve found your underutilized gift, take responsibility and ownership of it in order to develop and build on it.
  • Understand that your greatness is a muscle and that it needs practice and excercise to achieve its full potential.
  • Don’t fear your potential, embrace it in order to become a better YOU, personally and professionally.
  • Once you have unlocked your underutilized power, never lose sight of your other roles in life and business.
  • As you learn more self-confidence, also learn to trust your gut-feel. Believe in yourself and trust in YOU.
  • Finish this current day being the best possible version of yourself – choose greatness!

Understanding and successfully utilizing your strengths

Once your unique inter-personal skills have been identified, you are well on your way to realising  your professional and personal goals. But how does this translate into business, and more specifically your own, successful business? How does one not only embrace your newfound confidence, but make it appliccable to the skills required to succeed as an entrepeneur?


Simple really, so listen up:

  • Have a vision, strategy and a goal – then work towards all of it.
  • Make sure your plans can easily adapt to a changing world and a varying target market.
  • Mix equal amounts of pleasure & passion into achieveing your desired goals – love it AND have fun with the process.
  • Communicate & network effectively – do both strategically with your desired business outcome always in mind.
  • Be aggressive & persistent – be prepared to take culculated, gut-feel risks and have the same goal everytime.
  • Do things differently – apply new practices to existing business models instead of starting with a new idea everytime
  • Keep learning & never become complacent – remain knowledge-hungry and always remember your initial goal.


You have made the conscious decision to explore and adopt these specific career-defining steps towards becoming the best and most successful version of yourself possible. Through reading this article you understand that you possess amazing skills, which are hidden and underutilized. These abilities need to be highlighted and developed to gain personal as well as business success. The goal is set, determination and energy are present, and the will to change is overwhelming. All you have to do now is take action.



YOU possess certain unique and proficient qualities

Believe that YOU are special

You are capable of unlocking your inner greatness and underutilized potential

Become the best and most successful version of yourself possible