Are you truthful to yourself? Is it so important to be truthful to ourselves?

We are living in an era where the word “post-truth” was selected to be the word of 2016 by the Oxford-Dictionary.  Why?

This choice was based on the reality of the world we live in today—a world of lies.  Lies have become the new reality. The borders between the truth and the lie have blurred, and the same can be said for honesty and dishonesty.

This negative trend has a significant effect on us all, though we don’t always realise it. The foundation of trust in society—so vital for a healthy civilization—is being eroded.

Our biggest responsibility in life is towards ourselves. We must be honest with ourselves, and  love ourselves. This is one of our biggest challenges in life that we cannot escape. If we are not truthful  towards others, we will not be truthful to ourselves.

You cannot act responsibly or honestly, nor can you love yourself if you are misleading or dishonest towards yourself.

Dishonesty towards yourself can make you mentally and physically ill.  This attitude can lead to a habit of self-deception, and changing a habit is difficult. Examples are:

  • I don’t have to implement my own decision.
  • I can pretend to have different values than what I truly have.
  • I have to do what I promised myself I would do.
  • I can change my mind depending on the situation.

To make a true and lasting commitment to change a habit is not easy.

Recently a new president of the USA took office and made an oath to the nation as the world watched and heard him. His commitment is binding—he cannot change or backtrack on it.

Why can’t we take an oath to ourselves that cannot be changed?

The problem is that we can be untruthful to ourselves and change our minds without anybody knowing. It is too easy. It becomes a habit without us even realising it.

I learned a fascinating lesson from a friend that I would like to share with everyone. It is about how she made a true and lasting commitment to herself which has changed her life and health.

Her secret recipe is:

  • She is clear in her own mind about what she wants to change.
  • She writes down what she wants to achieve.
  • She talks to herself in the mirror a few times every day – looking into her own eyes.
  • She repeats this for some time addressing the habit she wants to change.


The resulting change in her physical and emotional wellbeing is obvious to everyone who knows her.


The true lesson from this is that being truthful to ourselves becomes a bigger challenge these days.  We are living in a post-truth era that has an impact on each of us, and being untruthful to ourselves can have a detrimental impact on our physical and emotional well being. But we can change it, by exercising our willpower and implementing this success recipe.