Understand: Why I want to be self-employed?

To understand what your self employed business is about, you must first clarify what your life is about. Your business is an extension of your own personal philosophy of life; the real purpose of your life will determine the message your business sends out. Your message will portray you as the owner and founder of the business. Your question should be: Why do I want to do this?

The Choice: A Sustainable or Non-sustainable business?

Your business will not be sustainable if your purpose is:

“I am in this business to manipulate people who can make me as the rich as possible in the shortest possible time frame”. These people are driven by a “get- rich-quick” mentality or belief system.

If your sole purpose is to make money, then go for  a “get-rich-quick” business plan, or go to a casino, or play the lotto. These “get-rich-quick” schemes are not sustainable and will not satisfy your internal and personal needs over the longer term.

 Your business will have a better chance of being sustainable if your purpose is:

To create real value for your clients, make a positive contribution to the inputs that your stakeholders and employees make into your business, and in the process optimise your own skills, talents and knowledge base, then you do have a framework for developing a long-term sustainable business.

In the Secret of My Success Personal and business development plan for the Self-Employed you will be guided to determine your WHY and get clarity on Why I want to be Self-Employed.

Many self-employed have a wrong Why and is not successful in their businesses.


Simon Sinek on the importance of: Why I want to be….

“As anyone who starts a business knows, it is a fantastic race. There is a statistic that hangs over your head – over 90 percent of all new businesses fail in the first three years. For anyone with even a bit of competitive spirit in them, especially for someone who defines himself or herself as an entrepreneur, these overwhelming odds of failure are not intimidating, they only add fuel to the fire. The foolishness of thinking that you’re a part of the small minority of those who actually will make it past three years and defy the odds is part of what makes entrepreneurs who they are, driven by passion ……………”

“If they had started their sales pitch with WHY the product existed in the first place, the product itself would have become the proof of the higher cause—proof of WHY.”

“But when a company clearly communicates their WHY, what they believe, and we believe what they believe, then we will sometimes go to extraordinary lengths to include those products or brands in our lives.”