Self-employed Nocawe Piedt: The
Secret of my Success with Catering

Self-employed Nocawe Piedt says, The secret of my success, has been my life-long burning ambition to  own a successful business”. Her thriving catering enterprise started out as a hobby, whilst she held down a job as a security officer. However, having achieved success as a caterer, self-employed Nocawe Piedt’s ambitions have continued to grow.  She is now looking forward to establishing her own Bed and Breakfast business as well. Nocawe’s passion for the food and hospitality industry has been a potent driving factor in her success so far and continues to spur her on to greater achievements.

Self-employed Nocawe Piedt: The Secret of my Success – Overcoming Obstacles

Many of the obstacles Nocawe has had to overcome have been practical ones: “Part of the secret of my success, has been to learn business skills, such as Planning, Budgeting and Pricing.” In addition, her determined attitude, ensures that no challenge proves too much for this highly motivated achiever. Nocawe has dedicated most of her time to developing her skills and has now become a self-taught expert.

Self-employed Nocawe Piedt: The Secret of my Success – Growing the business

Self-employed Nocawe Piedt believes in herself.  She is confident that by using her considerable talents, skills and entrepreneurial flair to the best of her ability, she is able to not only sustain her existing business, but expand and grow it to even greater heights. Nocawe envisions running her established catering business, as well as a new Bed and Breakfast operation, in tandem, thus fulfilling all of her aspirations. Consequently, her lack of complacency and her desire to move forward, is a crucially important element of self-employed Nocawe Piedt’s secret of success. Also of importance, is Nocawe’s heartfelt appreciation of the team support she enjoys. Nocawe considers her team of helpers to be prime contributors to her ongoing business success.

Self-Employed Nocawe Piedt

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