Self-Employed Lynette Redelinghuys – The Secret of my
Success as a Freelance Wellness blogger and IT

Self-employed Lynette Redelinghuys had a few personal challenges to overcome when she started up her own business. Having previously worked in a structured formal environment, she had to learn to work from home. “This meant I had to create a new set of rules for me to be able to function effectively”, she admits.

“The first secret of my success”, says self-employed Lynette Redelinghuys, “is that I had to learn not to get distracted, so I practice self-discipline. The second secret of my success, is to keep myself motivated, especially when the going gets tough! I have to tell myself not to give up and to keep moving forward.”

Self-employed Lynette Redelinghuys reveals that, “Another secret of my success, is that I have several powerful motivating factors that drive me, such as establishing my independence by not working for a boss; being in a position to financially support the needs of my family and, being able to live my dream lifestyle someday. I’m not there yet, but I will be!” Lynette has a philosophy, ”I don’t just want to survive this life, I want to live it! Therefore I need to be successful. Living life to the full in this day and age is costly. If I am successful, I will have my freedom, my independence…and that is very important in life!”

“Utilising the experience I have gained in previous jobs is essential to my success”, says self-employed Lynette Redelinghuys, “as well as growing my business every day; in turnover, marketing and employees.”

Self-employed Lynette Redelinghuys is prepared to make sacrifices to succeed in life. “A secret of my success is that I am willing to devote 90 hours each week to achieve my dream”. There is a quotation that inspires her: “I’m stronger because I had to be, I’m smarter because of my mistakes, happier because of the sadness I’ve known and wiser because I have learned.”

Self-Employed Lynette Redelinghuys

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