Self-employed Khanyisani Dlomo: The
Secret of my Success as Journalist

Revealing how he has achieved success, self-employed Khanyisani Dlomo says, The secret of my success is my drive for financial freedom coupled with a burning passion for the media industry.”

The rapid growth of technology and the emergence of social media has created numerous opportunities for business and marketing around the globe. As an emerging writer, still completing my journalism qualification, in this challenging but exciting profession I vowed to expose myself through freelancing for various publications.

Although it initially proved laborious with inadequate resources, my endurance is gradually paying dividends. Social media has proved to be a powerful tool to engage with clients and market myself. I am creating opportunities for myself. As Chris Grosser puts it: “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

Self-Employed Khanyisani Dlomo: Understanding my Passion

Freelancing allows me to be my own boss. I understand that when I put passion and hard work together, nothing can go wrong and that success is inevitable. Media is a competitive environment with exceptional and experienced writers and it is difficult for emerging writers to break through. Freelancing requires a great deal of endeavour and persistence.

Khanyisani Dlomo’s secret of success includes self-discipline, determination and punctilious approach in engaging with potential clients. Having training, and mentored by experienced individuals in the industry allows me to grow. Other factors contributing to success range from doing thorough research, ability to work under pressure and deadline drive.

Success is the ability to realise your vision, dreams and personal life ambitions. It also involves financial independence (able to support the needs of your family) and having the lifestyle you want.

The above-mentioned attributes are guiding my journey. I know I am destined for greatness. I understand that having a great and adequate portfolio or profile will open the doors for me. Being motivated and having a positive mentality succour me to focus and defeat any challenges aimed at debilitating my journey.

Self-Employed Khanyisani Dlomo 

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