Self-employed Gerhard de Bruyn: The
Secret of my Success in Web
Design and Social Media.

Self-employed Gerhard de Bruyn was unemployed before starting up his own business. But he was confident of his talents and skills, his knowledge and expertise in the field of Web Design and Social Media, so Gerhard decided to strike out on his own. He had nothing to lose and was convinced that “the secret of my success would be to rely on myself to establish my own business”. He has been his own boss for three years now and is passionately striving to improve his business…and Gerhard is succeeding!

How does Gerhard manage to stay one step ahead of his competitors? “An important part of the secret of my success, is to take advantage of the latest available resources. This is valuable to keep abreast of new trends and issues that help to improve my knowledge and skills. I therefore make an effort to read and attend relevant informal training courses and workshops.”

Another secret of my success”, says self-employed Gerhard de Bruyn, “is to increase my number of contacts and establish good work habits. I believe in implementing good marketing and sales strategies and maintaining effective administration and support systems. I also try to keep a positive mental attitude and a positive self-image.”

Self-employed Gerhard de Bruyn is highly motivated and spends 60 hours each week working hard at making a success of his business.  Most significantly, Gerhard says, “The main secret of my success is that I have a plan! I have set myself goals within specific parameters, which I am determined to reach, in order to make my dream lifestyle a reality.” This takes persistence and self-discipline – qualities that self-employed Gerhard de Bruyn has got plenty of – and he is steadily achieving each goal he has set for himself, one at a time.

Finally, Gerhard has an inspirational quote he would like to share…”Success is a state of mind. If you want success, then start thinking of yourself as a success.”

Self-Employed Gerhard de Bruyn

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