Self-employed Gerhard Bruce: The
Secret of my Success with my Web
Development business.

Self-employed Gerhard Bruce’s ambition to start his own Web Development business was driven by many motivating factors, mainly, the desire to significantly increase his income. “The secret of my success, was to utilise much of my experience gained working as a full time employee for a major web hosting company and this has served me well.” He now runs his own business which enjoys a fair measure of satisfactory success. However, Gerhard feels that with further effort on his part, he can generate a much higher return.

Self-employed Gerhard Bruce’s business has grown since he started it three years ago and he now has one employee. An important aspect of Gerhard’s vision is to further expand his business in turnover, marketing and employees. “The Secret of my Success is to dedicate myself to improving and growing my business to the point where I am satisfied with my turnover.”

He doesn’t believe in luck. “Rather,” emphasises self-employed Gerhard Bruce, “the secret of my success, is my belief in the right timing, as well as the ultimate rewards of persistence, determination and self discipline. The hardest obstacle that Gerhard says he has had to overcome at the helm of his own business, is the necessity of “being responsible for every last detail”.

Gerhard also believes in the value of good business knowledge and know-how. He therefore rates self-development highly important to help improve his skills and grow his business. Also highly regarded, are the aspects of good administration, support and systems. Consequently, he tries to engage in relevant informal training courses, workshops and reading, whenever possible.

Self-employed Gerhard Bruce is extremely motivated to achieve the goals he has set for himself and his business, and is willing to make the necessary sacrifices to realise his dreams in life. The quote that inspires him most is “The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom”.

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