Self-Employed Eileen Herreilers: The
Secret of my Success – owner of The
Human Equation.

Self-employed Eileen Herreilers  is a successful business woman. Her success is demonstrated by the referrals that keep coming in and by her clients who return again and again. So how does she do it? “The secret of my success”, says Eileen, “includes qualities that people recognise. Namely, my integrity and the passion I have for my work; my technical expertise and the good relationships I have developed with people over time”.

Self-employed Eileen Herreilers is in the business of people development – individuals, teams and companies.  She empowers others to be successful. “I have been successfully self-employed for fourteen years and have one employee.  Before starting my own business I was head of Learning and Development for the technology division of a well-known banking group. “One secret of my successshe says, “is that I used the valuable knowledge and experience I gained there, to help me establish my own business.”

“An essential secret of my success,” says self-employed Eileen Herreilers, “is that I try to live my strengths and passions in a way that benefits everybody and everything that I touch. I think it is important to identify and use your strengths to benefit the bigger picture.”

 Self-employed Eileen Herreilers also acknowledges: “It is true that I have achieved business success, that many of my dreams have been realised; that I am my own boss; that I can financially support myself and my family; that I can create employment and develop others. However, a vital secret of my success is that it doesn’t end here!  It is very important for me to continue developing myself by improving my skills, and furthering my knowledge in my field. I do this by whatever means I can.”

According to self-employed Eileen Herreilers, the toughest challenges she faced when she started her own business was re-inventing herself and her service offering, and effective marketing.  However, her persistence, determination and hard work have paid off.  She believes in putting in as much time as possible to grow her business. “But not,” Eileen is adamant, “at the expense of my Integrity and my need for Balance and Flexibility in my life! That’s another important secret of my success.”

Eileen believes in these wise words: “Life is to be lived in the present, and to be learned from in reflection.”

Self-Employed Eileen Herreilers: Personal Profile

BA degree in Psychology and Sociology; 1987 at Northwest university
Higher education diploma: 1988 at Northwest university
Certificate in Diversity management: 1998 at Wits Business school (through The Diversity Institute)
Certificate in Public Relations: 1995 at Damelin
Certificate in Human Resources; 199 at Damelin
Coaching skills certificate; 2007 at The Coaching Center
Strengths coaching level 1/2/3/; 2008-2011 at African Mosaic

Teaching experience: High school (1989-1992)
Formal corporate experience: Nedbank (Electronic Banking) (1994 -2001)
• Working at Manager of Self and Manager of Other level
• Relationship manager role
• Resources manager role (managing 80 employees)
• Instrumental in Learning and development programs as well as Shared services strategy and roll-out
Self-employed experience: The Human Equation (2001 – to date)
• Key focus areas; Coaching and Facilitating in Diversity, Leadership and Change (incorporating key behavioral skills such as communication, relationship management, performance management, client service, Strengthsfinder tools including the Top 5, Full 34, Q12 and Entreprenieurial tools)
• Experience across various industries; Finance, IT, Manufacturing, Engineering, Academic, Government, SME’s
• Community commitment; in association WIETA across wine and flower farms diversity programs to managers roll-out and currenty busy with the WIETA board on their strategy 2015 and beyond
• Coaching; experience in training Coaching skills to management, individual coaching of clients (ranging from employee level to exec level) and also facilitating supervision groups and coaching circles.
• Development of Human resources interventions to empower and upskill workforce ranging from Relationship management to Team interventions

• Nedbank GT
• Oxbridge academy
• Simera tecgnologies
• Puris
• Old Mutual
• First African Holdings

As a Strengthsfinder coach my Top 10 Strengths are:
• Achiever; Working hard and having high standards
• Activator: Influencing and inspiring action
• Communication: Ability to engage and illustrate message well and listen intently
• Woo; Having the ease and charm to work well with groups of people across all levels
• Connectedness; Sensing the undercurrents and the patterns that influence situations
• Focus; This strength allows strong focus on the matter at hand
• Maximer; Excellence as the baseline strives to improve all the time
• Learner: New environments with new challenges and information is a source of energy and boundaries are challenged to constantly improve
• Input: Enjoying the input of knowledge and the output to those that would benefit from it at the right time
• Strategic; the ability to read situations and strategize the most appropriate way to deal with the challenge towards solutioning

I am a very passionate and engaging person that thoroughly enjoy growing and positively challenging my team or coachee. At all times however the strategist and focus strengths keep the direction towards growth and outcome.

I enjoy working at all levels, especially the senior level, where both management and leadership is required to influence successful outcomes and ensure an engaged workforce.

 My assessment of the coaching provided by Eileen is extremely positive. Eileen has the ability to determine the crux of underlying issues very quickly. Her spontaneous character makes her easy to get along with, and she creates an atmosphere where the participant can relax and talk openly. She is clearly very knowledgeable in her field of expertise but her easy-going manner never makes her consulting sessions a theoretic or painful exercise. I have personally found much benefit from both the group classes and the individual coaching sessions, so I would highly recommend Eileen’s work.

Frans Roos│Chief Professional Services Officer│Fundamo, A Visa Company

 Eileen is a most professional and accomplished coach. She assists coachees (me) to get to the underlying issues through questioning and other techniques she uses. She is focused on me, the coachee. Her direct yet reflective style, combined with her flexibilty make her a coach I would recommend to anyone. The fact that I am based in Durban and use a coach based in Capetown says it all.”

Saskia Wusteveld – Independent consultant

 I would like to thank Eileen for the time we spent together, for her easy communication style and seemingly effortless listening and interpretation. She gets it that ultimately technology needs to be driven by people. Eileen summarized nicely with very relevant business assessment and comments, and always linking items back to goal setting objectives.
Upon reflection I noticed that the following has changed for me:
Less internal turmoil (less analysis paralysis)
Much greater acceptance for myself and my abilities
Raised awareness of impacts on all aspects of my live
Delegated more instead of trying to do everything by myself
Greater discerning on what is mine to do and what is not
Clearer communication due to sound-boarding during sessions
Tiaan Bakkes – Fundamo; Architect

 As my personal coach for two years, Eileen has had a great influence on my life. I find that she is energetic and insightful. Eileen’s approach had helped me identify and manage my strengths in a way that ensures optimal personal functioning. She has encouraged me to ask the right questions and strive for success using the tools that I possess. I find this approach extremely empowering. Eileen approaches the coaching process with great enthusiasm and passion, and has a magical way of connecting with people of every age, race, and cultural background.
I’ve worked with Eileen on two occasions now and really enjoyed both interactions as it challenged my thinking and understanding of who I am and how this impacts my interaction with colleagues, family and friends. Her approach focuses on helping me to identify my strengths and use that as departure point. I find this refreshing and exciting in that it creates such a different perspective on everyday life. Eileen’s positive personality and approach supports her work ethic and I believe this adds to the experience. A must have experience for everyone interested in creating some thinking space.
Carol Turner | Senior HR Manager | Group Internal Audit | LTS

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