Self-employed Cornelia de Villiers : The
Secret of my Success in the Training

Self-employed Cornelia de Villiers is passionate about her work. For the past 22 years she has effectively used training and coaching programmes to develop people. She helps them improve their talents and skills so that they can enjoy career success. Before starting her own training business, Cornelia worked as a trainer for a rural foundation. This is where she gained her valuable initial experience in the industry, which she has put to good use.

“A major secret of my success,” says self-employed Cornelia de Villiers, “is that I really enjoy my work. It is very satisfying to be able to help others achieve their own successes. It has always been very important for me to realise my dream of helping others to succeed in life. I believe it is extremely important to follow your dream and set goals in order to achieve success. I also believe it is essential to be self-disciplined, determined and persistent when pursuing your dream of success.  I think I have achieved many of the goals I have set for myself, and yes, I have realised my dream and I consider myself to be successful.”

Self-employed Cornelia de Villiers also makes the point that being independent – not having to answer to a boss – has always meant a lot to her. “This has been a prime motivating factor in the secret of my success”, she says.

When asked how she managed to develop such a successful business, self-employed Cornelia de Villiers elaborates, “By overcoming my biggest obstacle, – knowing which products to focus on; and also by cultivating satisfied long-term clients over the years. The result is that I have been able to rely on ‘word-of-mouth’ referrals for more business, rather than on conventional marketing. This has been an important aspect of the secret of my success.  Also, I am very good at my job. I have an in-depth knowledge of my business and I use my talents, skills and entrepreneurial flair to the best of my ability.”

Cornelia has always been inspired by the quotation: “Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends.”

Self-Employed Cornelia de Villiers

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