Self-employed Christo Lombaard: The
Secret of my Success with Home

Revealing how he has achieved success, self-employed Christo Lombaard says, The secret of my success is to pursue my dream persistently! This takes discipline and determination, but can be accomplished. Another secret of my success, has been making use of the business knowledge and expertise I gained, as well as the lessons I learned from my previous work experiences.  Also, the financial and moral support I received from my family, was an important contributing factor to the secret to my success.”

Self-Employed Christo Lombaard: – Growth and Personal Philosophy

Success for self-employed Christo Lombaard is reflected in an ever-increasing network of satisfied clients; a result of his sustained efforts to improve and grow his business and develop his own business acumen and skills.  His interest in home maintenance began as a hobby, and over time developed into his successful career of choice. Christo was previously employed in the exploration and construction industries, “but my dream was always to be my own boss and enjoy my preferred lifestyle”.  The wise words that have inspired his success are: “Wees bang vir niks, wees versigtig” (Be afraid of nothing, be cautious.)

Self-Employed Christo Lombaard: – Reaping the Rewards

Christo has been self employed in the home maintenance industry for 18 months and is enjoying it immensely. The unique benefit he enjoys most is his independence. “To be able to spend quality time with friends and family whenever I want, is a great advantage and being solely responsible for the growth of my business is both challenging and fulfilling. Being self employed in this interesting and lucrative industry allows me to make use of my unique talents and skills, and to personally reap the rewards. In addition, being in a position to create employment for others and help them develop as well, is gratifying. This has meant continuously improving my own leadership and managerial skills.”

Self-Employed Christo Lombaard – My Pride – Many Satisfied Customers

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