Self-employed Carol Ann Savosnick:
The Secret of my Success –
Edit it Right

Self-employed Carol Ann Savosnick lists many important reasons that motivate her to succeed as a self employed individual. A quotation by George Bernard Shaw, also serves to inspire her: “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful, than a life spent doing nothing”.

After first working as a skin care therapist, Carol Ann decided that starting up her own business, in a field closer to her heart, would be more fulfilling.  The business venture that she chose – that of editing, proofreading, translating and transcribing, which started out as a hobby, allows her the opportunity to utilise her unique talents and skills. Also, the benefit of being her own boss, is that she is free to enjoy the  lifestyle she has always desired.

Self-employed Carol Ann Savosnick: The Secret of my Success – Overcoming Challenges and Growth.

Although she has not yet reached the stage of being totally financially self-sufficient, self-employed Carol Ann Savosnick says,The secret of my success, is to persistently strive to overcome the existing challenge of marketing and advertising my business – to get my name out there, in order to procure more work.” Carol Ann expresses neutral feelings regarding the impact that her formal education has had on her success so far. Instead, firmly believing that her business success relies more upon sharpening her talents and skills through self discipline and learning; and her ongoing, determined efforts. She therefore has a high regard for the importance of informal training, reading, attending courses and workshops, in order to continuously improve her skills and business acumen.

In addition to attaining the preferred lifestyle that self-employment provides, Carol Ann is attracted to the following appealing benefits: To earn enough income to support herself and the needs of her family; and to be in a position to create new employment opportunities for others. Carol Ann feels that developing her own team to work with, would be extremely rewarding. Says self-employed Carol Ann Savosnick, “The secret of my success is that I continue to be highly motivated, am willing to make sacrifices and spend as much time as it takes, to achieve ultimate success in my business and personal life.

Self-Employed Carol Ann Savosnick: Her environment

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