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Self-Employed Anthony da Silva, “the secret of my success is my drive for financial independence and a burning passion for sales and the retail industry. This prompted me to venture into business. Despite gruelling challenges, the Western Cape entrepreneur soldiered on and is now relishing the fruits of my success.

Gnawing for government’s support was the last thing on my mind. Self-employed Anthony da Silva utilized his entrepreneurial flair and skills to establish a basil pesto and sun dried tomato company, That Food, over a decade ago. I had quit my salesman job to be my own boss. Having experience in the industry, I already had strategic plans to grow my company thus creating employment in Somerset West.

Although keeping cash flow to continue producing and finding clients proved daunting, I remained positive and unshaken. Instead I engaged directly with local clients and explained my product to them. At times, I had to attend local festivals to market my products. I was driven by determination and passion.

After gaining exposure through various platforms, the company blossomed – adding gourmet cravings, spice range and infused salts in my production. The company now supplies clients ranging from butcheries, farm stalls and selected retail outlets. That Food continues to grow exponentially and overhead expenses are kept to a minimum to ensure profitability and sustainability.

Self-employed Anthony da Silva secret of success ranges from self-discipline, motivation and good timing. Other contributing factors subsume good administration, marketing and sales. I describe success as realising a vision, dream and personal ambition people set for themselves and financial freedom.

I am not afraid of taking risks and to make rewarding sacrifices to succeed. I pride myself in sourcing top-class raw materials to ensure the benchmark standard of my product. The attributes of the secret of my success succoured me to maintain positivity, assiduity and communicate with clients effectively.

Although I am satisfied and chuffed with my growth and success thus far, seeing the company supplying countrywide would be a magnificent achievement.

Self-Employed Anthony da Silva

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