The Business and Personal development plan is based on the integration of three well researched principles. It is being integrated into a unique program. It is new. It was developed by thinking out of the box. It is tried and tested. Packed into a series of five products to help the self-employed businessperson succeed in his business.

Product no 1: Manage my Beliefs Personal Development

I need to change my thinking. Einstein said that the thinking I had in the past, caused the present situation I am in. If I do not change my thinking, I will continue to achieve the same results. If you want to achieve different results, or better results in your life or your business, you need to change your thinking. The first product is a process to help you evaluate your thinking at this point in time, and to ascertain the extent of your limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving your full potential as a person, and as a business owner.

Product no 2: Identify my Talents Personal Development

Each of us possesses a unique set of strengths and talents. We need to understand them and develop a system order to optimise them.   This will allow us to develop new skills without which we will not be able to develop ourselves to our full potential nor any business that we are or will be involved in. Identifying our talents through the StrengthsFinder and optimising them is our second product

Product no 3: Understanding my WHY Business and Personal Development

We have to understand and define our why. Why we are doing what we do. People do not buy what we do, they buy why we do it. Stakeholders and employees are less interested in what you say or do, than in why you do it. It is therefore important to understand the purpose, cause and the beliefs you have, in the development of your business. This will be the basis of the message that you communicate to everybody involved in your business, as well as to your potential clients. Through this value based message you can develop the needed trust in yourself and your business. Understand the importance and learn the practical lessons and guidelines to develop your why.

Product no 4: Develop my Positive Beliefs, My Why and my Strengths Business and Personal Development

A development process to strengthen:

  • Your talents and assist you in this process to optimize it and use them to the best of your ability to develop your business.
  • Your self-belief system that will assist you getting rid of the self-limiting beliefs and develop positive and self-confident beliefs.
  • Your definition of your WHY and implement it successfully into your business strategy.

Product no 5: Market my Products or Services Business Development

Marketing is a crucial element for success in the business environment of the 21st century. Development and branding of the image of the founder of the business is key to effectively developing the market for products or services.

This product will assist the self-employed take the first vital step in developing their branding and the subsequent marketing of their products or services via social media and the Internet. The self-employed have different needs with regard to this element of the product. We will analyse the needs of the individual and help them optimise the social media campaign