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What is success, differ from person to person. Success is not a happening but it is part of a journey. Join us on this journey to your success.

How identifying the aptitudes of your staff and applying it strategically can grow your business

By |May 11th, 2016|

In our series of articles thus far we have covered various topics where we point out how you can become more self-aware and grow as an individual by changing your negative beliefs, know your strengths and weaknesses, and also to find inner peace. All these elements will help you on the path to a more focused business approach. But what about your employees and their development? Are you confident that your current staff and future employees are in the correct positions or applied in the best way to drive and grow your business? The best way to approach this is by focusing on the aptitudes of your employees.

What are your strengths ? Know it to gain more business success

By |April 27th, 2016|

What are your strengths? The world we live in today has taught us that anything we put our minds to can be done. Numerous motivational speakers spreads the message that was “mind power” we can overcome our weaknesses and become more powerful and effective by doing everything right. The problem in this scenario is that nobody is perfect, and will never be. It is an unnatural thought process and exercise to try and be the master of everything. Our strengths, and our weaknesses, are what makes us unique. By knowing yourself, you will discover something great on your journey to self-awareness… you will get to know your strengths

Why you need to know how to grow your natural talent to gain more success

By |April 26th, 2016|

It's time to rethink natural talent. Talents may be artistic or technical, mental or physical, personal or social. You can be a talented introvert or a talented extrovert. Your natural talent needs not be profitable, useful, or conventional, but they will always be your own, a part of what makes you into you.

Why you need to know your subconscious mind power

By |April 19th, 2016|

To tap into subconscious mind power you firstly need to learn how to train the mind. Did you know that it is completely possible to change the way you think and behave if you have the tools to do so? One’s subconscious is aptly described as a “garden” and your conscious mind, the “gardener”. To ensure success in life and business, one consciously needs to symbolically plant beneficial seeds in one’s inner garden.

Why you need to know how to gain inner peace to see your small business succeed

By |April 18th, 2016|

Inner peace is a concept all of us strive towards but very few of us achieve since we do not know how to approach it effectively. We all have experienced that feeling where we want to focus on a task, but our minds are too busy thinking about something. Or there is a certain situation bothering us and keeping us from doing our work with proper focus. The root of this evil is that we do not have a state of inner peace and our mind are not in a state of synergy.

Discover the power of your subconscious mind and learn how to improve it

By |April 8th, 2016|

Think of the subconscious mind as the storage room of everything that is currently not in your conscious mind. The subconscious mind stores all of your previous life experiences, your beliefs, your memories, your skills, all situations you've been through and all images you've ever seen. Understand the power of your subconscious to be an invaluable, powerful and versatile tool you possess, yet have not learned to train and manipulate in your favour.

How positive thinking actually help entrepreneurs succeed

By |April 1st, 2016|

Ever heard of The Science of Positive Thinking? It is a fact that a healthy attitude coupled with positive thinking enables you to build your skills, improve your health, as well as adjust your work ethic, and much more. Here we look at how positive thoughts can improve productivity, invite success and create real value in an entrepreneur’s life.

Why mental toughness is vital on the road to business success

By |April 1st, 2016|

Have you ever wondered what makes someone a good athlete? Or a good leader? Or a successful entrepreneur? Why do some people accomplish their goals while others fail? Research is starting to reveal that your mental toughness — or “grit” as some call it — plays a more important role than anything else for achieving your goals in health, business, and life.

How to be a successful entrepreneur by improving the marketability of your products

By |March 25th, 2016|

Entrepreneurs are inventors. They are innovative and creative thinkers who spot gaps and try to fill them with useful solutions. But how do they become financially successful? How do they get their product or service to make money for them and their families? The answer is rooted in their products’ marketability.

Why you need to gain brand loyalty as an entrepreneur

By |March 21st, 2016|

Every self-employed entrepreneur constantly seeks ways to build their business, whether it be improving customer experience or differentiating your brand (business, products and/or services) among competitors. Here we share some pointers on achieving brand loyalty.

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