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You have to understand why this is your first step to being successfully self-employed. You need to have the necessary resources and supports in place to be successfully selfemployed, learn why this is so important.

In order to develop a Self-Employment opportunity successfully, an important prerequisite is to have access to the necessary physical and other resources needed, to develop your business.

One of the fatal mistakes  that cause business to fail is the lack of crucial resources.

The kind of home based business you create will determine the final list of resources that you will need. Start working on this list. Develop and refine it, as your plan for your selfemployed business is being crystallized.

The most important resource will be you, your passion, talents, skills and knowledge, as discussed in the previous articles. I believe that by now you will have clarity about yourself and the self-knowledge needed to help you on your journey to a successful selfemployed business.

Legal and related issues

Depending on the country and the physical area where you intend to develop your selfemployed business, the requirements for legal, licensing, permits and other legalities will differ. I won’t discuss these here, as there will be too many variations to cover in this article. The important point is that you need to understand these issues before you launch your new business.

Physical requirements

Having the necessary working space, with the needed equipment, is vitally important and needs to be planned properly. Your working space requirements will differ, depending on the type of business you will be operating. Will it be the kind of business that simply requires an office? Or a business where small scale manufacturing will take place? Ensuring you have a suitable space in which to operate your business is crucial to its success.

It is up to you to create the right image of your business. If customers will be visiting your premises, make sure you have what is needed to receive them in a welcoming and professional manner. Ensure you have the resources and environment necessary to cultivate satisfied customers who willingly come back to you with repeat business, and who will happily recommend your business to their friends.

Working from your home environment is not the same as working in an outside office or manufacturing space. A selfemployed business requires discipline and routine within the home. Proper planning and discussion with members of the household is important in order to avoid distraction and conflict and to ensure the smooth running of your business. Plan to equip your working area according to the kind of business you intend operating.


Your family and friends

People in your home will inevitably be affected by the operation of your business. Ensure you know who will be affected and how.  Make sure they are aware of your ideas and are willing to assist you when and where it may be necessary.

If you operate an international business from home you may have to work hours that conflict with the leisure time of your family or friends. Are they willing to adapt?

You may have to work different hours to what you have been used to. You may not be able to honour the regular appointments with friends and family that you were able to do in the past.

You may have to receive customers in your house or private area, which may cause  discomfort for the rest of your family.

How will you handle the answering of the telephone? What do you expect from the rest of the family in this regard?

These are issues that, if not handled properly in advance and planned, can cause problems during the development of your business.

Your network

You will need a network of people who can be very helpful and important when developing your business.

These may be people you can use as sounding boards to test your ideas. They may be experts on law, tax, accounting, marketing, planning, computer technology, web site design, and many other possibilities.

Think of your existing support network. It will be important to expand this network in the future to ensure the growth of your business.

Try to connect with people who are involved in a similar or related type of business. These people can be very good advisors and you can bounce your ideas off them.

The internet is a convenient and effective way to expand your network. Use it.

The above is not a complete list of resources and other related items you will need to develop a sustainable selfemployed business. I have given these examples to stimulate thinking. It is important to understand the need for proper planning when embarking on a new business venture.

Some people may argue that the issues covered here are not important; that potential problems will resolve themselves; but I want to warn you that thorough planning can make the difference between a lucrative sustainable selfemployed business and not being successful.

“Plan it” before you start with the “do it”.

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