How applying the StrengthsFinder principles in the business of the self-employed entrepreneur they can increase the profitability and financial viability of their business in various ways.

We will discuss the benefits of knowing and understanding your strengths and the impact that knowledge can have on the economic viability of your business as a self-employed individual.

We will discuss the benefits of knowing and understanding your strengths and the impact that knowledge can have on the economic viability of your business as a self-employed individual.

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The StrengthsFinder is an assessment principle which identifies the specific strengths and of an individual. This assessment has been developed by the Gallup Organization. It has been tested on about 12 million people over a period of 20 years. It is considered to be a very reliable tool to identify the strengths of an individual.

Strengths are a unique combination of skills, talents, knowledge and experience. Each of us has many strengths. Some are obvious, while others may not be as obvious. Many of our strengths are underutilised.

How the StrengthsFinder principles can benefit you and your business.

  • Self confidence: if you know and understand your own strengths it will boost your self-confidence because you will have certainty about the value of your contribution to your team, co-workers and business. You will know and understand what you can offer the company.
  • Energize: because you can focus on what you have to offer the company-and not on what you cannot-you will be more motivated and inspired to make a contribution to your company. You will also have a better understanding of your value to the company.
  • Delegation of responsibilities and tasks: understanding your own weaknesses will help you to understand which tasks are not your strengths, and you can delegate those tasks.
  • Teambuilding (advisors): if everyone in your team, or you and your advisors, know the strengths of the group, then people working together will be able to function more efficiently. Especially if their strengths are complimentary. Due to this synergy, a more results orientated team will develop, achieving better results. It is important that the group of people is structured in such a way that all the main strengths’ principles are covered in that team. Once  each team member understands the strengths of fellow team members, they will be more aware of contributions made by each person towards the joint goal of the team.
  • Self development planning: you will be in a better position to build your strengths and able to spend time, money and effort developing your best strengths. The following formula applies:  Strengths = Talent x Investment (money or time). Developing your strengths is equal to developing your powerbase in your business.
  • New vocabulary: due to your understanding of the terminology involved in the StrengthsFinder principle, you will be able to communicate your own strengths better and sell your abilities better. This will benefit your own career.
  • Appreciate your own value and self worth: each of us has a unique combination of strengths. You are unique. Therefore you will be able to make a unique contribution towards society and the company. Understanding this principle is an important boost to the self-worth of an individual.

In the business of the self-employed, there is a direct relationship between business success and the self, and personal development of the self-employed entrepreneur. In a business with many employees this relationship is less direct.

This is this reason why it is more important for the self-employed entrepreneur to understand the StrengthsFinder principles and apply these principles in his business.

It is important for self-employed entrepreneurs to have a self development programme to help develop their strengths and optimise their talents.

The financial benefits of these two principles will have a great influence on the economic viability and growth of the businesses of self-employed individuals.

We are developing a unique programme, integrating the StrengthsFinder principles for the self-employed, to optimise their business development.

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