You are self-employed because you are responsible for your own career

You are self-employed because

You must take responsibility for your own career to earn an income learn more

You are self-employed because

You must be able to sell your abilities to optimize your income learn more
You are self-employed because you are responsible for your own career

You are self-employed because you are responsible for your own career. You have certain talents, time and many other abilities that someone is willing to pay a price for. It is your responsibility to sell those abilities to earn an income.

We are responsible for our own career to earn an income and a living by selling our time and abilities, in that sense we are self-employed.

This income can be generated by working for a boss and earn a salary or any other form of income, but basically you are making your time, skills, talents  available to somebody else who is willing to pay for that. Other people may earn their income by not working for a boss to earn a fixed salary, but is responsible to generate their own income stream by selling a service or product that they have developed or manufactured. They are responsible to generate an income and are not working for a boss. Those people are normally referred to as being self-employed.

The size of your income stream  does not depend on your abilities, talents or skills, but is more being influenced by your attitude, your commitment, self-discipline and other personal issues than the external circumstances.

We are living in a fast changing world. The principles about jobs, employment, income, retirement, that applied in the past is not applicable anymore.

We must accept the following realities of the economy and employment:

  • Unemployment is becoming a world economic problem and youth unemployment even a bigger one. You cannot be certain that you will always have a job.
  • Job insecurity is a reality. Nobody can be sure he will be employed for the next 5 years either with the present employer of being employed at all.
  • The job market and skills needed is changing fast. You need new skills and adapt to the changing job environment to be sure that your skills will be in demand and you will be able to sell your abilities to earn an income.
  • You will most probably live longer than your parents and will have to live longer on your retirement money than your predecessors. So you will need more retirement money.
  • Most people are not able to survive financially on their monthly salary or are not able to earn enough money to have the lifestyle that they would love to have.

We must adapt or die. We must accept that we have to change to survive in the fast changing work environment.

Those people that do not accept this will not be able to survive financially, mentally and emotionally in the future. They will have problems finding employment, not being able to survive financially, have stress and other emotional problems due to the increasing uncertainty of the traditional job and employment environment that we are encountering. These uncertainty will not disappear it will become worse in future.

Each of us has choices. We are responsible for our own income, lifestyle or life and to satisfy our personal and family’s needs. The government or nobody else will be able to satisfy those personal needs.

If you are not satisfied with your income or lifestyle: You must make a choice: are you willing to change your attitude to be able to earn the kind of income that will satisfy your needs or if you are not willing to change and will sink deeper into a hole and experience more financial and emotional problems in future.

You will not be able to change the circumstances of your work environment or the Government or the world economy, or other related factors that may influence your personal salary or income.

You must choose to adapt or die. You will not be able to change your circumstances, but you can change your attitude to achieve your dreams. Are you willing to change or not? It is your choice.

With this web site I want to assist you to adapt and change and help you live the lifestyle to earn the income that you have been dreaming of.

You may be in of the following categories:

  • Being self-employed, working from home, being your own boss and being responsible for your own income. You want to learn more and are looking for ideas to further expand your business.
  • Working for a company, not being your own boss and earn a monthly income from your employee. You do not earn enough money as a regular employee from the company and earn an additional income with some home based business activities.
  • You are unemployed and are looking to earn an income by investigating some self-employment opportunities. You are unsure of what, where to start and how to develop it.
  • You may be looking for some inspiration and motivation to overcome your setbacks or disappointments as a self-employed individual.

This web site will make you aware of these issues and the importance to realise that you do have a responsibility to plan, adapt, do self analysis and plan your own income generating strategies and plans for the future.

You must understand the situation. Be willing to change. Plan your changes and implement it.

We want to make you aware of your situation and the need to change. We want to guide you on your journey of change.

Giving the info to decide after reading the advantages, disadvantages and other issues involved in self-employment, you will be in a better position to make a decision.

I want to discuss the various options of self-employment. You must decide which of the various possibilities suites your specific needs, skills and passion the best.

We want to assist you in a process of self-analysis to decide on your own abilities to make a success of a specific self-employment opportunity.  We want to guide you through this decision making process.

There is a section on inspiration and lessons to be learned from other people to help you during the periods of doubt or setbacks.

We will give you references to other websites were you will be able to get more info.

We DO want to help you on your journey to success, to achieve your dreams.

Yes you must dream, dream big. Plan to implement your dreams. If you do not take action and do it you will never achieve your dreams.

So dream-it-plan-it-do-it


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