How to make risk your ally in professional success is presented by Lukas de Beer.

It is part of de Beer’s training course for Artrepreneurs (artistic entrepreneurs) brought to you in collaboration with

It looks at How to face your dragons to grow strong professionally and tackles the dragon of Risk.

It shows that you can indeed make Risk your ally in your professional success.  In fact, it is a requirement if you want to make your own, authentic art.

For the Artrepreneur, risk is about a gamble. Not a reckless money losing casino style gamble, but a subtler inner yearning or longing to find an authentic life and choosing to live that life, instead of the one prescribed by society, or friends and family. It has to do with an inner willingness to do away with the superficialities of this world’s go-to recipes for success, and live a life of significance.

The program asks: What if you never seize the prospect to pursue your artistic passions? What if you give up on the dream? What if you opt not to matter and be what everyone else suggests you rather should be? What if you never taste the misery and joy, the tears and pain, the excitement, disappointment, fulfillment or heartbreak that comes with a decision to live a life of meaning?

The ‘what if’ is the risk and the gamble every artist has to face.

Pursuing a career in the creative arts is indeed risky business. There are absolutely no guarantees for success. There is only an invitation to embrace life and all that it throws at you. This program shows you how to do just that, with creative zeal and authentic passion.

This course is your path to personal and professional success.

“You did not wake up today to be mediocre” – Unknown author