This topic explains what happens in the mind of a consumer at the point of buying. On completion of this module you will fully understand your customers’ buying behaviour and be able to apply this vital knowledge to significantly boost sales.


This topic is part of the training course for entrepreneurs entitled “How to Boost your Business Revenue with Powerful Selling” brought to you by in collaboration with Grodynamix.

The Main Points covered to boost sales are:

  • Digital transformation and its effects
  • New expectations and where they come from
  • The “no more trade-offs” mind-set of the modern consumer
  • Multi-dimensional thinking


This module shows that although technology is available to everyone, it is evident that in many cases consumers have adopted the digital way of doing things much faster than most businesses have.


Traditional customer expectations have changed profoundly due to the digital revolution. Learn how you can satisfy, and even exceed, your customers’ expectations, by giving them a relationship that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of your trade.


You will learn that today’s customers no longer want trade-offs.  They no longer think in terms of or; they think in terms of and.  Consumers today are very different; they think multi-dimensionally—what is generally referred to as “out-of-the-box”.


This multi-dimensional thinking has an impact on the way customers view your products and services and what they can deliver.  You can either fight it, or learn to harness this power to co-create something new and amazing.


The radical change in consumer thinking is a challenge for business, because it means you have to operate and think differently too.  Learn how a thorough knowledge of how your customers think and behave will benefit you and your business.

Inspiring Quotes to boost sales

“Approach Each Customer With The Idea Of Helping Him Or Her To Solve A Problem Or Achieve A Goal, Not Of Selling A Product Or Service.” – Brian Tracy

“Make A Customer, Not A Sale.” – Katherine Barchetti

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” –  Og Mandino

“It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.” – Mark Hunter