Believing in your dream is essential to get the motivation you need to achieve it. Is the dream worth pursuing? Is it something that you want to pour your heart into? You have to have enough passion about your dream to be able to overcome obstacles, problems, detours and disappointments (Maxwell, 2009:72).

Why you need to have a dream worth pursuing? Why you need to have a dream worth pursuing?Your passion must be enough.

Your passion is the enthusiasm that you have that gives you the energy and focus to start and the power to keep moving forward against all obstacles and difficulties. It gives you the strength to go on, to get out and do what you love to do, what you believe in and what you are good at (Maxwell, 2009:73; Lock, 2015; Munroe 2005:247). Your passion must be enough to give you the energy to believe, plan, study, decide, prepare, begin, work, listen, smile and persist (Maxwell, 2009:75; Munroe, 2005:224, Senge, 1990:148).

A focused person is one who walks through walls because they know where they’re going and why.

Nothing can prevent them from reaching their destination. Their attitude isn’t one of disrespect; it’s one of determination. A person that lives with this fire has an aura without saying a word. You know they’re driven and you know they’ll be going somewhere. This, of course, begs the question, “How did they get into this state?” The answer is simple; they’ve found their purpose. They’ve found their long-term passion (Scheper, 2015b).

Your passion gives you the strength to move out of your comfort zone, to cross the threshold of your doubt (Maxwell, 2009:76).

If you follow your passion, you will be happy in what you do, if not, probably unhappy and frustrated and living for the weekends (Maxwell, 2009:77). Your chance of success will be much larger if you derive pleasure from what you do. If you align your dream with your passion, you will experience fulfillment (Maxwell, 2009:78).  You must be so passionate about your dream that you think about it every morning when you wake up and every evening in bed. You must be willing to pursue it even if you can’t make a living out of it.  You must be willing to work towards it, improving your skills and habits and attitude for years on end (Maxwell, 2009:83).

You must be fired up by your dream, preoccupied by it, willing to sacrifice to achieve it, not being able to image your life without it (Maxwell, 2009:84).