These Motivational Short Stories will energize you persist and succeed

These Motivational Short Stories will help you in building your self-confidence by believing in yourself and help you to never, never give up.

These Motivational Short Stories will teach and remind you to keep on developing a winning attitude to achieve your dreams.

These Motivational Short Stories will support you in developing your power of positive thinking to be a winner and succeed on your journey to success.

Lessons from King Midas and his golden touch about get rich quick dreams

King Midas and his golden touch was drive by one desire—greed. This Greek myth has valuable lessons for everybody in 21st century. Greed and the get rich quick dreams do not bring happiness and can result into big tragedies. Greed invites us not to think and realize the consequences, we become slaves of our desires. That leads to failure. From King Midas we learn that forgiveness is a way out.

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The Elephant Rope Motivational Story

The Elephant Rope is a motivational story to emphasize that many of us go through life hanging onto a belief that we cannot do something, simply because we failed at it once before? Failure is part of learning; we should never never never give up the struggle in life. Never never never give up.

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The self-esteem of the guy in the glass

The Self-Esteem of the guy in the glass must be your only guide. Do not let the judgement of others determine your self-esteem or self worth. Keep your self-esteem high, love and value yourself. Be your own judge.

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The Wilma Rudolph lessons in persistence

The Wilma Rudolph was born into a poor home in Tennessee. At age four, she had double pneumonia with scarlet fever, a deadly combination which left her paralyzed with polio. She had to wear a brace and the doctor said she would never put her foot on the earth. But her mother encouraged her; she told Wilma Rudolph that with God-given ability, persistence and faith she could do anything she wanted.

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