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How to gain a balanced belief system and achieve your dreams

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Why do you allow your perceptions to limit you? 

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Read the Motivational letter (third edition) and realise your self-beliefs can limit you from achieving the success in business that you are planning.  It is important to understand your beliefs and belief systems in order to achieve your dreams.

  • Why do you allow your perceptions to limit you?
  • How to prevent your beliefs from limiting your success in life

So let us first get an idea of what beliefs are.

“In beliefs we live, we move and we are […] the beliefs constitute the base of our life, the land on which we live […] All our conduct, including the intellectual life, depends on the system of our authentic beliefs. In them […] lies latent, as implications of whatever specifically we do or we think […] the man, at heart, is believing or, which is equal, the deepest stratum of our life, the spirit that maintains and carries all the others, is formed by beliefs…” (Ortega y Gasset)

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In other words, our beliefs or self-belief systems do not necessarily present the reality; rather, they present our perception of reality.

If you believe you can do something, it will be a reality for you and you will act in a way which achieves whatever you believe in.

The contrary is also true. If you believe you cannot achieve something, you will not be able to achieve it. Therefore, you are limiting yourself to what is possible and what is not.

Our limiting beliefs prevent us from achieving anything more than what we believe. If our belief is to be mediocre, then that will be the case. If we believe we will become champions and act accordingly, then that will be the case. You will never find champions among people who believe they are mediocre.  If you don’t believe you can achieve your dreams, then you will not. However, if you believe you can achieve your dreams and you act accordingly, then you will succeed. You will never achieve your dreams if you do not have the right beliefs and act accordingly.

There are many examples of such limiting beliefs. Here are just a few examples to test your own beliefs:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I have to earn other people’s approval to feel good about myself
  • I need to do more and more to be worthy
  • I don’t deserve success or money
  • I don’t deserve love, success, money, fame, etc
  • I’ll never make enough money
  • I can’t do it
  • I’ll always have to struggle, while others have it easier

The problem with limiting beliefs is that firstly, they are not real. They are simply a perception as defined earlier.  Secondly, the implication is that through a nonreal perception, you put a ceiling on anything you do in life. Your business success, your happiness, your self-realization and many other elements of your life are controlled by your beliefs. Do you want your success and joy in life to be ruined by a perception?

The good news is that limiting beliefs can be managed. You can control your own limiting beliefs. During the Secret of my Success program, experts will give you more information to assist you in understanding your own belief system and how to optimize it.

Gaining a balanced belief system is one of the key modules in this series of webinars which will assist you on your journey of success.

If you are serious about achieving your dreams, we would love to tell you more about this exciting program.

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