Why this is the most elusive dream of entrepreneurs

Most self-employed entrepreneurs dream about ways to make more money from their businesses. However, the answer to their question. “How can I make more money from my business?” is the most elusive dream for many. It is the wrong question to ask to achieve their dreams.

Life is about asking the right questions. If we ask the wrong questions the answers will not help us achieve our goals.

Business is not primarily about making money. Making money is the result of correct business activities. Only the correct business actions of an entrepreneur will generate profits and allow the entrepreneur to make money.

Your most elusive dream

Why this is the most elusive dream of entrepreneurs

If your goal as a self-employed business person is only about making money? You will always keep on asking “How can I make more money in my business?” If your business is only about making money, the money you generate through your business will never be enough.

Asking the wrong question is a fundamental mistake that many entrepreneurs make.  If you keep on asking the wrong question and work towards finding its answer. You will never achieve your real business goals.


  • Many entrepreneurs will find that irrespective of how much money they make, it will never be enough.
  • Finding the answers to this question has nothing to do with the future success or sustainability of your business, or having a happy and self fulfilled personal and family life. Is this not the most important dream of every entrepreneur? What is the legacy you are building in your business? Money or self actualization? They are not the same. The correct questions must help you achieve your goals, but your goals cannot only be about money.
  • By focussing your business activities only on making more money, you will never be able to achieve a balance in your business and family life. Thus tension will develop between your role as a business owner and as a member of a family. This can lead to the ultimate failure of your business.


The key is that asking the wrong questions may lead to answers that do not help the entrepreneur achieves his goals in business or in his life, therefore his most elusive dream.

 The Fundamental questions – The Most Elusive Dream

The fundamental mistake with this question is that business is not primarily about making money for the self-employed entrepreneur. Making money is the result of correct business related activities.

Gambling and the lottery is about making money (or losing money – whichever way you look at it). Business is not about a mentality of “getting-rich quick” or some kind of “get rich quick scheme”. Those activities are not business or cannot be your primary business goals.

  • Business for the self-employed entrepreneur is about his life and career, his family and living his passion.
  • It is about building a business around his life – it is not building his life around his business. Building a life around a business where the main aim is to make more money will not lead to a balanced life style and the optimal integration of personal and business life. Therefore it will create tension within the entrepreneur over time, and can lead to the failure of the business.
  • The dream of the self-employed entrepreneur must be to leave a legacy – not necessarily the biggest estate.
Why this is the most elusive dream of entrepreneurs

Asking the wrong questions will thus not lead to a balanced lifestyle, optimizing the growth of a sustainable business and leaving a legacy you can be proud of. You will have these most elusive dream if the realization your dreams does not allow you to integrate your business and personal life.

In the Secret of my Success programs we strive to assist the self-employed to ask the correct questions that will guide him to achieve his dreams in life.