This topic is part of a training course for entrepreneurs entitled ‘How to Boost your Business Revenue with Powerful Selling’ brought to you by My in collaboration with Grodynamix.

The topic explores the evolution of the different Sales Practices used during the past few centuries and explains the reasons why the mindset of entrepreneurs had to change to keep abreast with changing consumer demands. It examines the four historic stages of sales philosophy, together with the mindset that determined the behaviour of business and management at each stage. It illustrates how sales thinking has developed and become more complete.

The topic also demonstrates that how you see yourself, your business, your market and customers, determines your behaviour. Your own perception influences all your actions in the business: how you sell, how you market, how you communicate, even what your messages are to the potential buyers out there.

You will learn:
• Why your Sales Philosophy is of paramount importance for your business success.
• How to evaluate your existing Sales Practices and access their impact on your business.
• Important reasons for adapting your Sales Practices according to what the modern customer wants and needs—our sales thinking has to keep evolving as our customers change.
• How business has viewed the function of sales in the past and how most businesses view their sales function today.
• How adopting a healthy sales mindset (or philosophy) will attract potential buyers to you, your business, and your products.

On completion of this this part of the training course you will have a good idea of how sales thinking has changed and developed over time, and why applying modern Sales Practices is important for your business success.

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