How creating and maintaining positive energy can improve your life and business

When we grew up as children we were taught at home and school about good and bad choices; that for every choice there is a consequence. While some individuals are more aware of this “cause and effect” cycle in life, it is something that cannot be separated from everyday life. By making constant good choices you create a better sense of well-being and also growth potential in your business. I addressed this in more detail when speaking about inner peace in a previous article. What we might miss is that our daily life is affected by positive or negative energy and whichever type of energy (or emotional space) we use to get through our day will have a great effect on those around us and our businesses.

Why does positive and negative energy matter in my life?

I like to think of energy as anything that invokes a reaction inside you. In other words, anything that makes you tick, ponder, feel, or react. Energy is very closely linked to our core beliefs since core beliefs are the main driving force behind our reactions and outlook on life. Yet energy is something that is very easily influenced by outside sources, whereas your core beliefs is much more solid. I encourage you to read my article on core beliefs for better understanding on the concept. Being very similar emotional drivers, energy can sometimes override your core beliefs… This can be a very good OR very destructive process.

How creating and maintaining positive energy can improve your life and business

Positive energy (or emotional state) is a place where you feel good about yourself, your surroundings and your business. You are more relaxed, less distracted and can focus more efficiently on the task you have to do. You are naturally more open and accommodating towards others, which creates a feeling of well-being in yourself and those who come in contact with. It is a constructive environment and the emotional base we would like to create a foundation to function from.

Negative energy is exactly the opposite … and even worse. Apart from being stressed, distracted and focused so much on the problems in your life and business, it also drags those around you into the negativity.

You see, energy is highly contagious. If we are positive and uplifting in our daily life we naturally spread a feeling of well-being to others. If we are generally more negative, we literally hamper growth of and in others. Since your business are essentially built on the people who work for you (or if you are self-employed) we want to have a positive environment where we can grow personally and professionally

What energy currently drives me and my business?

How creating and maintaining positive energy can improve your life and business Leon

To understand your current state of energy would be fairly easy if you are already self-aware and know yourself to understand how your emotions work generally. You need to be brutally honest to yourself about how you react in your everyday life and at work. Here are some guiding questions:

  • Do I constantly complain (even if just to myself) about my business or life in general OR do I choose to motivate everyone around me?
  • Do I often feel a lack of motivation Or am I mostly ready to face the day?
  • Am I a person who would easily steer a conversation with others into a negative direction OR do I make effort to steer the conversation towards something constructive?
  • Is it easy for me to place blame on others OR do I take responsibility and make effort to learn from my mistakes?
  • Am I easily affected by the negativity of others or do I have the ability to lift others from their negative mindset into something more positive?

From the above it is easy to see where you find yourself in a general sense. If you seem to be generally positive there is still a lot to learn, so don’t lose your focus or stop reading.

Positive energy is a constant choice

How creating and maintaining positive energy can improve your life and business

In our series of articles thus far, we have pointed out various aspects of change and adaptations to improve personally. The key to change is in almost all cases that we have to make a choice to do something differently to eliminate a negative mindset, source of distraction or even our core beliefs. This is exactly the same with the energy we put out to, or absorb from others. When faced with a situation that can evoke negative emotions and create negative energy, we must become strong enough in positive energy to absorb it and transform it to a constructive situation. With inner peace and self-awareness in place it will be an easy task to accomplish.

How do I create more positive energy in my life?

How creating and maintaining positive energy can improve your life and business

Life is not overwhelmingly positive in itself yet we can start by creating more positive energy by first eliminating the negatives that stand in our way. A few things to consider are:

  • Forget about the disappointments of yesterday. Make peace in yourself and learn from those mistakes, but make a point of living in the now. That means, focus your attention on what is around you at this very moment without being blinded by the past.
  • Do not give your negative emotions a voice. The more attention you place on what makes you unhappy, the more negative energy it creates.   Remove your attention from this situation.  Put your focus and attention on the things in your life that make you feel good.
  • Do not expose yourself to the negative energy of others. If and whenever possible, guard yourself from being influenced by outside sources of negativity. Remember that energy is contagious.

Positive energy can be grown and created by the following exercises and healthy habits:

  • Do what makes you feel good. Make a list of activities you enjoy and make time to do it regularly. Enjoyment is a highly positive energy form.
  • Make a point of being thankful for the things you have in your life. By focusing on the all the good things you have you will naturally drain out the negatives you encounter.
  • Create a habit to express positive affirmations to those around you. Whether it is your loved ones, friends or your staff, affirmations is a powerful tool to create positive energy in those individuals you have in your immediate surroundings.
  • Look after yourself. Ensure you get proper amounts of sleep, have a healthy diet and get in sufficient amounts of physical activity. Not only will you feel good, but you will also look good – another source of confidence and positive energy.
  • Help others in need. There is few things as rewarding as making a meaningful change in the lives of others. It gives us the chance to spread positive energy into their lives and is also very effective in making us forget our own negative situations.
  • Consider a path of self-improvement. I am personally a firm believer that humans have the need to constantly learn new things in order to stay happy. This is something that has been built into our core DNA. Whether it is by reading news and expanding our general knowledge, learning a new skill or taking a professional course, we grow personally and that makes us feel empowered. This is a fantastic source of positive energy. I encourage you to consider our courses which will take you on a fantastic journey of self-awareness and business success.

Positive energy can change your business for the better

I have mentioned this a few times: energy is contagious. By being inherently positive you will pass it over to others. This is essential in your business. A positive workforce is a fantastic attribute towards business success and growth. This is something we all strive for… and it all begins with the thought process of choosing the positive outcome in every situation.