Most of the self-employed entrepreneurs are struggling with a life balance, not having enough time for everything they want to do every day. There family, friends and health will be the first to suffer and then there business.

This problem can escalate and have a permanent influence on your health. It may influence their relationships with their family a permanent breakdown of relationships may take place. Due to the fact that they are neglecting their friends their social life will suffer. You might end up being an unhappy lonely person not knowing what you are living for.

If you are one of the victims or potential victims of these circumstances, there is a solution. In many cases this problem arises because the self-employed have developed such a drive to grow his business that he did not or do not pay enough attention to what he is doing every day, how is doing it, and linking that to the goals of his business and his own vision for his life.

The most important principle involved in this situation is that the self-employed must he realise that this life balance issue and resulting problems is something that he can change. Research has proven that we can change the way we are thinking. Our thoughts, words and actions, influence what we do, how we do it and our habits.

The most important is that the self-employed must realise this is a problem with him. There must be a willingness to take action and a belief that there is a solution to the problem.

The reasons why many self-employed businessmen do have this problem differ. One of the most accepted reasons for these problems can be found in the Pareto to principle. According to this principle 20% of our action determines 80% of the results. This principle can also be applied in the opposite in other words. 80% of our actions every day actually produce minimum of results, only 20%.


Life Balance issues can be Solved

The lesson for the self-employed entrepreneur suffering with life balance problems is that 80% of their daily actions or time can be utilised better or are responsible for minimum results.

The question can be asked how to determine the 20% action that will give that 80% of results? Results in this case is activities that help the self-employed businessman to achieve his goals and of the business.

The thinking required is quite simple: determine the goal, of your business and identify the 20% actions that you have to take every day in order to achieve your goal.

By changing your thinking and apply this simple principle you will be able to save time for yourself, your family, friends and your health will benefit. Most important your business will benefit because you are more goal orientated and more effective in the use of your time every day.

Life balance or lack of it is the result of your habits. Habits are the results of your thinking or thoughts that influence your daily realities and your success in life. You do not have to be the victim of your circumstances. You can manage it. And achieve success in life, with a balanced life, happy and self fulfilled life.

So Dream it! Plan it! Do it!