How to gain more by accessing unlimited intrinsic motivation

Here are some tips we thought you may attempt to apply in your work-life to strengthen your systems and strategies for the purpose of powering long-term, intrinsic motivation behaviour.

Most of us seem to struggle with the universal challenge of intrinsic motivation. Practical solutions include: making a pact with you, or in other words, delaying gratification before reward in completing tasks.

The secret may be as simple as just acting motivated. It is pretty easy to trick yourself into feeling motivated by simply acting like it.

Ask yourself important, positive questions when you rise in the mornings. Some examples are: ‘What do I want to achieve in life?’, ‘what am I thankful for?’, ‘what am I doing to achieve my dreams?’,  ‘what makes me happy?’ and ‘what excites me (in a good way)?

When we think about happy moments and feel the feeling of being happy, we can apply that cause and effect as a morning exercise which will set the tone for the day – essential in being able to work and interact well, as well as with others.

If you are overwhelmed by your seemingly never ending to-do list, start with the easiest task and work your way from there. Soon you will notice you have worked through many, if not all, of them. Although, setting and achieving large goals also gives you a big morale boost to continue and accomplish the other daunting tasks on the list. If you are a morning person, schedule the most challenging task on your list first when you are fresh and energised.

Routine and structure in your life is a surefire way to maintaining intrinsic motivation. Acknowledge, however, that you have your very own set of unique gifts, talents as well as challenges.

Do not dampen your motivation by being overly self-critical or constantly comparing your success with others. Each self-employed entrepreneur has their own pace at achieving success.

Ask yourself these  questions for intrinsic motivation:

What do I want to achieve in life?

What am I thankful for?

What am I doing to achieve my dreams?

What makes me happy?

Congratulate yourself often when reaching the goals you have set for yourself, however small they may be.

Have role-models. It is always a good idea to look up to those you admire as examples of where you would like to see yourself in life. With work being such a high priority in our lives – especially owning your own business – do not forget to ‘let your hair down’ every so often. Life is meant to be a learning experience as well as fun.

It is so easy for us as comfort seeking creatures to get stuck in our comfort zone. Ever heard the saying; ‘Life starts where your comfort zone ends?’  Well, it is usually true.

Work-life fear, associated with stress, as we all know, can be extremely debilitating if we do not have the coping skills to manage it.  Try not to fear failure, ‘as the road to success is paved with failure’, so the saying goes. We need to learn from our mistakes, which in-turn improve and refine our strategies and techniques.

Do the necessary research when it comes to taking on challenging projects, thereby grounding your expectations in reality, which helps avoid unnecessary disappointment which can diminish one’s motivation.

Put pen to paper when it comes to goals setting. This assists one to take thoughts and ideas to the action phase.

Nurture your creativity if you have an inclination for it – freeform brainstorming is one way to bring out creative ideas that will assist you to ‘think out the box’.

A fun project is to become your own motivational speaker. Try it by recording inspirational quotes in your own voice and replaying it when you need a pick-me-up.

Make each month count, from there, make each week count, and then each day, and then even each hour, if you can manage.

‘Strike while the iron is hot’ when it comes to surges of motivation – as you know, excitement quickly wanes as well as the impetus to carry your inspiration.

Do not forget to ask for support from your friends, family and work network if you get stuck – they may just let drop the pearl of wisdom that will facilitate the motivational breakthrough you so desperately need. Constructive feedback from your clients and work network is also a great motivational booster.

Remember, in everything we seek to master in life ‘practice makes perfect’.

Staying motivated is often a daily choice. It is important to note that the daily choices we make eventually become our lives, and so, define us as individuals.

Look back occasionally – track your progress to see how far you have come.

It is a wise perspective on life to see every new day as a fresh opportunity – to even start over, if need be.

A crucial habit to cultivate in life is to think positively as often as possible, despite the odds, and so, generate the positive feelings required to power you to succeed. If you are not feeling positive about your work-life, you certainly will not be able to develop unlimited intrinsic motivation.

Staying motivated is often a daily choice

A crucial habit to cultivate in life is to think positively