#1 The Top Inspirational People that have inspired millions

Learn valuable lesson from these inspirational people that have inspired millions of people in the world through their various achievements, their attitude and basic values. They do have the ability to bring out the best in other people. Do have a strong moral compass of integrity. They had the courage to lead by example irrespective of the circumstances.

Abraham Lincoln

Nelson Mandela

Stephan Hawking

Albert Einstein

Thomas Edison

Winston Churchill

Leonardo Da Vinci

Nick Vujicic

Oprah Winfrey

Mahatma Ghandi

Michael Jordan

Muhammad Ali

Gary Player

Pete Sampras

Michael Phelps


Martina Navratilova

Nadia Comaneci

Usian Bolt

David Beckham

Robert Kiyosaki

Simon Sinek

Helen Keller

Warren Buffet

Zig Ziglar

Peter Drucker