Why you have to keep your New Year dreams alive

It is only two weeks into the new year and the traditional resolutions that many of us made, and hope to keep in 2017, are still fresh in our minds.  These good intentions were made in a spirit of positivity that gave us the needed hope and energy to kick-start the year.

The problem is that after the first few days the reality of life kicks back in, our positive energy wanes, and most of our dreams disappear like the morning mist after sunrise. Back to normal, we tend to fall into our old habits of fighting for survival every day. We discover that the exhilarating kick-start we experienced at the start of the year is simply not enough to realise our dreams.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way; there is a practical, achievable alternative. It is possible to keep our dreams alive and make them a reality in the new year.

Einstein described it as insanity to expect a different result by doing the same things over and over. How often have we fallen into this trap?

We have to do things differently in order to achieve the results we dreamed of at the start of the year. This requires us to realise that we need to change in order to succeed. It requires a willingness to take the required actions to change; without action there cannot be any change and the new year will be similar to last year—a depressing thought for many of us.

Here are 5 challenges to help you keep your new year dreams alive. Make a decision by starting with only one; see the result and then tackle the next:

  • Spend about 15 minutes a day in quiet reflection
  • Do at least one tough thing each week.
  • Make a note in your “gratitude” journal daily
  • Create a timeline for your dream
  • Give up one bad habit

Good luck with the challenge.

Do it now. Don’t waste another year by doing the same things and fooling yourself that something extraordinary will happen. Nothing will happen if you do not make it happen. Start with these small steps to help make your new year dreams come true.