The Secret of my Success

How to boost your business and enjoy the benefits

An E-learning experience for the Self-Employed Entrepreneur

This is a unique online program which assists you to unlock your true potential. Through an engaged electronic medium,
we provide you with exposure to a panel of experts supporting you on this journey to achieve
your dreams in business and your personal life.

How to Boost your business and enjoy the benefits

Do you realise that:

  • You have the skills and resources to realise all your dreams.

  • You possess all the gifts, abilities and capacity required to enjoy a better and more fulfilled life.

  • The expertise is finally available to assist you to unlock your rightful potential.

  • Proven methods and competent instruction are available to bring your true talents to the fore.

The Program will enable you to:

  •  You will be able to join the Webinars – from the comfort of your home

  • You will have opportunities to interact with the presenters and our online community:

    • During the webinars

    • As a member of a closed group via the internet during the period of the webinars

  • You will be exposed to more learning trough assignments, other personal and business development resources and interaction with your fellow learners and the presenters

  • Become a member of a closed group during the training session

  • Group coaching

  • Individual coaching if needed (by prior arrangement)

  • Become exposed to other marketing services

  • Assessments of personal progress

Your Business will Die (or Thrive) Based on How You Handle your “Blind spots

How this program will guide you to align your personal needs and desires with your business goals

o   The program will help you on your journey of self knowledge.

o   Good Personal and Business alignment = Business success + Self-actualization

o A successful business does not only come from a good strategy. It comes from our mind-set, the story we tell ourselves, the beliefs about our world, and ourselves. Success comes from within.

o Introduce the idea that the beliefs in the subconscious mind can be changed. We need to know how and use the right tools. Logic doesn’t work because beliefs are laid down usually in a negatively charged emotional state. We need to know how to ‘uncharge’ those beliefs so that they lose their grip and we can replace the limits with empowering beliefs

o Introduce other and different ways to start changing the beliefs in the subconscious mind. Expand on the EFT model.

o Introduce the idea that change does not happen overnight. Our body and subconscious mind have been designed to preserve the status quo. Change usually needs to happen in smaller steps to be sustainable. Create success habits.

o An introduction to the strengths concept and understanding the benefits of knowing and improving your strengths will contribute to your success.

o Develop an understanding of your unique strengths and how to start optimizing them on your success journey.

o How to understand and optimizing the use of other strengths, involved in your business will enhance the growth of your business

o Reap the benefits of developing your talents through key skills and thus optimizing your full potential and beyond thereby also reducing your business risks

o To inspire a fresh perspective on self-leadership (both the person and action that form an entrepreneurial business leader) as we ponder the motivating power of a leader’s why.

o To clarify the personal and cultural values that shapes the foundation of an entrepreneurial business leader’s vision.

o To create space and unleash courage to see the world around us as we – it’s leaders – have always imagined it to be, crafting vision through word and image to catalyses action within a new business venture.

o  To move strategically forward in a plan of action that invites a team of fellow workers and customer base to share in the work of making vision tangible (an entrepreneurial leader’s ‘Why’ made actual

The Secret of my Success Program

  • Why you need to know how your story determines your success | Liesel Teversham

    • Webinar #1 Why you need to know what story you’re telling yourself
    • Webinar #2 How to change your story so you can be a winner
    • Webinar #3 How to Expand your Success Story
    • Webinar #4 Why you need to Develop your Success Story Patiently

  • Why you need to maximize your unique Strengths for Success | Eileen Herreilers.

    • Webinar #1: An introduction to the Strengths concepts and understanding the benefits
    • Webinar #2: Develop an understanding of your unique Strengths and start optimizing them
    • Webinar #3: Reap the benefits of developing your talents through key skills and thereby reducing business risk
    • Webinar #4: How to understand and optimize the use of other’s Strengths involved in your business


  • Why You need to know the power of your WHY | Chris Kamalski

    • Webinar #1: THE POWER OF WHY: How A Business Leader Inspires Action
    • Webinar #2: Values: A clarifying Process from desire to action
    • Webinar #3: Vision: seeing & communicating the world we imagine
    • Webinar #4: Towards action: Why start with why
    • Webinar Bonus: Vision Presentations

Learn to develop your thriving business


Testimonial by Carol-Ann Savosnick

carol anne pic (2)Dear Freddie
Thank you very much for the educational and informative series of webinars you presented recently.
When I signed up for the webinars, I really did not know what to expect, although I was sure that I would learn a lot from it. What I got, however, was far beyond my expectations! Not only did the webinar series introduce me to my key strengths in the Strengthsfinder session, but I learnt to look at the actual aspects of running a business such as content marketing and using social media to research and understand customers as well as the types of skills needed to run a successful business.
I also met some very interesting people on the webinars and feel we could even network in the future,
So, once again thank you for a most interesting course of webinars; and one which I’m sure will help very many other people in the future.
Kindest regards

Testimonial by Peter de Villiers

This program will help you to align your personal and business needs through

  • Assist you in building self-confidence

  • Improve the ability to expand your business

  • Help you recognize why you are in your chosen industry

  • Reaffirm your purpose in life

  • Facilitate discovering genuine motivation

  • Understand and maintain your habits and belief systems

  • Assist you in regaining inspiration

Discover why YOU are your biggest asset in life

The Presenters

Your guide on The Secret of my Success Growth JourneyLife, Business, Career & Executive Coach | Management Consultant

I am a young black woman with experience in a dynamic market in South Africa, UK and Ireland. My first training is in Organisational Psychology, I have been matching people and careers for a decade and have seen that people flourish when they are in the right job/business! After working in Talent Management in the Corporate and Consulting world as a Regional Leader, I went on to do an MSc (International Business Management) at the University of Liverpool and graduated with Merit. I now work full time as a business coach and business development specialist helping mainly start ups and people who want to grow their businesses. I provide training workshops as well as one to one & group coaching programs. I have had business challenges before and I have shared my lessons from that experience, my passion is helping people see endless possibilities in the global business market as opposed to replicating business models that may not work in their situation. I would like to see more people in the emerging markets running successful businesses.

LinkedIn Profile

Why You need to know the power of your WHYProfessor | Strengths Coach | Facilitator of Vocational Formation | Chaplain | Writer | Editor

I am a team-oriented leader with a passion to holistically form people into their full vocational call, awakened to our world’s needs. I enjoy creating environments for people to experience God and their true self through facilitated teaching of spiritual formation and practical theology concepts and discerned direction of the work they are made to create with their lives. I have extensive training and experience in empowering and sending people to lead and serve others in a variety of cross-cultural contexts, and love the developmental process of mentoring, coaching, & directing a person coming alive into their vocational call. The development of idea, creating, writing, and editing resources that mature a leader’s formation is a thrilling portion of my work life.

Why you need to maximize your unique Strengths for SuccessStrength-finder Coach | Relationship Management Professional

My role as coach, facilitator and consultant is focussed on understanding the needs, challenges and opportunities of my client and then partnering with these individuals to identify and implement the correct tools and interventions towards a successful outcome.


As a strength-finder coach, my top 5 strengths merits highlighting:


  • Achiever – work hard at impeccable and standards
  • Activator – Influence, inspiring and ignite action
  • Communication – Engage and illustrate messages well and listen intently
  • Persuasive – Charismatic ability to work well with groups across all levels
  • Connectedness – Mindful of nuances and patterns that influencing situations

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LieselMindful Career Transition and Confidence Coach

I help individuals with successful yet unfulfilling careers find and create the meaningful career that there heart and soul is crying out for. I also assist and guide coaches and Natural Health Practitioners to grow their confidence, self-esteem and online presence, so they can grow their business, get more clients and earn more money. I am a twice-published author, an EFT Trainer, an EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner, Coach and NLP Practitioner. I particularly love working with The Sedona Method. I have many years of experience with building a practice and making career changes. My logical side helps me to approach the journey step-by-step. I work in private as well as small, intimate group online programs (available globally) to overcome the “stuckness”, and move forward with excitement, joy, direction and focus.


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