Introduction Helen Keller Biography and Research LinksThe Introduction to the Helen Keller Biography wants to expose you to the life of this remarkable person. This is the introduction to a series of article about her life, achievements and legacy.

Read more about her accomplishments, awards, inspirational quotes, books, movies and many more.

Helen Keller was born on 27 June, 1880 in Alabama, USA. When she was 19 months old, she contracted a fever which affected her brain and though no-one knew whether it was Scarlet Fever or Meningitis, left her hearing- and sight-impaired. She Never want to let her handicap slow her down, Helen Keller became the first visually- and hearing-impaired person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree which she did in 1904. From then on, she made it her life’s work to help and inspire the visually-impaired as well as those who, like herself, were both visually- and hearing-impaired. Her life is an inspiration to each of us. She made a difference in the lives of many people through her example and the dedication she had to never never give up.

She overcame the adversity of being blind and deaf to become one of the 20th century’s leading humanitarians. She brought hope to millions. Her vision and perseverance helped her to overcome the problems of her circumstances and to achieve her dream irrespective of being disabled. Her life story is a lesson to everyone.

Everybody will benefit by reading, learning from her and applying these principles in your life.

When she was just a child, her parents hired a young woman by the name of Anne Sullivan to teach Helen to communicate and she did eventually learn how to speak, going on to give many lectures and interviews throughout her life. The first word she learnt was “water” when Sullivan wrote the word letter for letter into the palm of Helen’s right hand with her finger whilst pouring cool water over Helen’s left hand at the same time. After this, she learned to communicate with other people by feeling their lips as they spoke.

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1.  The Helen Keller Archival Collection

  • The American Foundation for the Blind is caretakers of Helen Keller’s archival collection and legacy are honored to share her history with you via our website.

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2.  Helen Keller Online Museum for Kids

  • Questions and answers for Kidd’s about Helen Keller.

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3.  An online audio biography of Helen Keller

  • Helen Keller Biography with audio version (part 1).

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4.  An online audio biography of Helen Keller

  • Helen Keller Biography with audio version (part 2).

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5.  Helen Keller Lessons Plan for Kidd’s

  • This is a lesson about Helen Keller and her challenges.
    •   to describe and discuss some of Helen Keller’s accomplishments.
    •   to discuss other aspects of Helen Keller’s life.
    •   Suggested Grades: 2nd to 4th.

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6.  Poem/Story by Helen Keller

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7.  Printable study page for Kidd’s about Helen Keller

  • Helen Keller faced a great challenge in her life. On this worksheet to go with The Miracle Worker, students write about a time in their life when they were challenged.  Grade Levels: 9 – 12.

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8.  Lesson Plan on Helen Keller

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9.  Online e Book by Helen Keller

  • Helen Keller Biography: Midstream My later Life.

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10.  Helen Keller Biography Online

  • Summary about the live and contribution she has made to mankind.