How to gain more job satisfaction when you are your own boss

There are literally thousands of articles on the World Wide Web giving guidelines on how to keep your employees happy and methods of keeping them loyal to your company. This includes skills development programs, reward structures and various suggestions on how to improve the workplace for them. But very few times we look at the owners of businesses, the “bosses”, and what it requires to have continuous job satisfaction.

It has been proven by various university studies that employees stay, or leave, due to their direct management. For your small business, being self-employed, this basically means your own happiness and effectiveness at work will determine the loyalty and attitude of your employees. But how do we measure, and for that matter, increase your own job satisfaction? Let us have a look at this often misunderstood topic.

What is job satisfaction?

We need to first address the concept of what job satisfaction is. For some it is getting a good salary in a job they do not particularly dislike; a means to an end to make a comfortable living. For some it is being happy at work or to see the clients or customers being happy with the product purchased or the service received. Very few of these scenarios create a truly fulfilling experience to the individual and after some time a void becomes evident.


What can be this missing link? The foundation of true job satisfaction is creating personal constant fulfilment through various channels and exercises. The human nature is to get bored or unsatisfied with the same repetitive tasks being done every day, and variations or new elements introduced keeps things interesting. Before we can introduce the correct elements, however, we need to first establish the correct set of needs for the specific individual: in this case, YOU!

You need to become more self-aware

How to gain more job satisfaction when you are your own boss

Self-awareness is a curious concept. In this instance, I am referring to knowing yourself; what you like, what interests you and what makes you feel fulfilled. It is easy to identify a job or industry that you enjoy working in yet with your unique personality and set of needs, each recipe to experience job satisfaction might be grossly different from your peers. Identifying areas where you can develop yourself through training (albeit formal or informal) might be a good place to start.


Take some time to ponder on the following questions and make a list with your answers. Reading these answers back to yourself can be quite eye-opening.

  • What type of work would I ideally like to do?
  • Do I like my current job, and why (or why not)?
  • Which areas do I feel I can still develop to perform better?
  • Do I have unique skills that makes me valuable, and what are they?
  • What do I have to offer to my peers and my customers?
  • What do I ideally want to offer to my customers?
  • Do I have good work / home balance?

The above exercise is a great example of becoming self-aware. Asking yourself questions and answering it. We allocate little, sometimes no time for introspection to measure and getting to know ourselves. This is an essential component of knowing how to create more job satisfaction for yourself.

How to create job satisfaction for yourself

How to gain more job satisfaction when you are your own boss

After becoming more self-aware and identifying your unique needs and wants for your career as a self-employed individual, you need to take action on creating a positive environment for yourself.

A good point to start is finding a purpose in what you are doing professionally. If you, for instance, have a small travel agency, your purpose might be to not only sell a compelling travel package but to intricately try to add elements to the travel itinerary that will make the trip unforgettable. It is about putting a bit of “yourself” into the product or service you sell. Make it your own and find reason to do it.

Create an environment where there is variety. Even if you are faced with repetitive tasks, schedule it in such a way to keep things interesting. A good way is to challenge yourself by expanding your knowledge with a course to sharpen your skills, or just finding online tutorials to learn something new. The human race is incredibly intelligent and has the basic need to learn new things constantly. Take this opportunity to enhance your capabilities and broaden your horisons.

Above all, make effort to create a balanced lifestyle. A successful business owner I have the privilege of working with on a regular basis, has a policy where his employees are encouraged to only work within business hours (8AM to 5PM), discouraging them to work overtime unless urgent. He also strongly encourages employees to take their lunch hour. His motto is that a rested and relaxed employee performs better, and is happier since they have a good work / personal life balance. While not directly creating job satisfaction, it creates a favourable environment where you are more relaxed and contributes to a positive attitude. We all know that walking into the office with a positive mentality is a fantastic attribute.

There are various additional ways to create further job satisfaction, but the above suggestions cover the basic list. Our programs will cover these in detail.

How job satisfaction and improved performance is connected

Building towards more job satisfaction has a great side-effect: improved performance. It is quite self-explanatory that an environment where you have found purpose will be more enjoyable on a daily basis. Add to that improved skills to offer an even better product or service which you can take pride in and a generally positive attitude while being at work and you are guaranteed to not just feel a great sense of job satisfaction, but also notice that your general performance at worke will improve significantly.

Our program will give you more self-knowledge – thus more job satisfaction

How to gain more job satisfaction when you are your own boss

As mentioned, we offer programs where we assist you to grow as a self-employed individual. We guide you to take an in-depth look at yourself personally to identify key areas where you can develop yourself or bring in important changes to create more job satisfaction, thus instilling an environment for improved performance.

We will show you possible areas as an owner where you can bring positive change or solidify your efforts to create a conductive environment for yourself, and also your staff in your small business.

Our program has been developed by a panel of business experts which all contribute individually on their field of expertise and all exercises has been properly researched and tested with great results. You can trust us to bring out the best in you, and lead you to greater business success.

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Success is finding satisfaction in giving a little more than you take” – Christopher Reeve

“True motivation comes from achievement, personal development, job satisfaction and recognition” – Frederick Herzberg