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Definition: Freelancer

A freelancer, freelance worker, or freelance is a person who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long-term. These workers are sometimes represented by a company or an agency that resells their labor and that of others to its clients with or without project management and labor contributed by its regular employees. Others are completely independent. “Independent contractor” would be the term used in a higher register of English.

Self employment ideas

A freelancer is someone who performs tasks, usually for multiple employers over the course of a year. A freelancer is somewhat like a free agent in professional sports – he or she essentially sell their services to the highest bidder – except that they usually work for more than one employer.

Freelancers may work part-time or full-time. Because they are not considered employers, freelancers are allowed to work for other employers and are usually permitted to perform tasks in their own way, so long as the work gets done to the client’s specifications.

Website:  www.freelancer.com

About:  Freelancer.com is the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing, and crowd sourcing marketplace for small business. With over 10 million users, you can hire a freelancer to do your contract work at a fraction of the cost. Whether you need PHP developers, web designers, or content writers, you can outsource jobs within minutes. Freelancer.com accelerates your businesses growth by giving you the talent you need when you need it.

Website:  www.odesk.com

About:  Get more done… with the help of a freelancer. Talent knows no boundaries. Skills, integrity, and amazing results make oDesk freelancers universally awesome.

Website:  www.elance.com

About:  If you want a world of talent on your fingertips, Elance is the best website to hang around. Started in 1999, this babe is almost on the top of the list with over 90.000 jobs posted each month. You can find web designers, developers, writers, Search Engine Optimization experts and anyone you need, from all over the world.

Website:  www.guru.com

About:  Hire The Right Freelancers For The Job – Search for services being offered by freelancers that match your needs. Our global network of over 900,000 gurus are eager to help with any technical, creative or business projects you have on the table. Explore each freelancer’s profile and browse their previous work so you can hire with confidence. Manage Projects From Anywhere – Keep everything on track and collaborate with your project team using the Work Room. Create agreements, define milestones and tasks, communicate, and share documents without ever leaving Guru.com.

Website:  www.peopleperhour.com

About:  PeoplePerHour is a community of talent available to work for you remotely, online, at the click of a button. We help you start small, move fast and build it up!

Website:  www.aquent.com

About:  Aquent has a unique business model that works as part freelancer connection and part international temp service. You have to apply, be tested, and go to one of their many locations for a fact-to-face interview. But they will match you up with temporary employers that pay decent wages. It primarily has jobs in design and marketing but caters to many types of jobs.

Website:  www.freelancefolder.com

About:  This site is the ultimate resource for freelancers at all stages. Not only will you find free advice and tips on the blog; the community forums also provide an opportunity to connect with other independent workers. Enjoy new leads and job opportunities on the job board, along with a quick-start guide to getting started freelancing.

Website:  www.ifreelance.com

About:  Hire freelance experts without the middleman. Find freelancers to plan , write , design , build and market your project all in one place. iFreelance.com offers multiple options to help you find freelance work opportunities. You can advertise your freelance services directly to interested buyers, or you can search our project database and submit bids for the projects on which you would like to work.

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About:  Find Freelance Programmers, Web Designers and Freelance Writers for your next request. Outsource jobs to your home country or to countries. Post a request for free and start receiving bids within minutes. Thousands of outsourced jobs prove that GetACoder is a cost-effective way to get the best talent in the world at an amazing low price. Grow your business and achieve a greater return on investment by using GetACoder

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About:  At iWriter, you’ll be able to earn money by writing articles for other people. Anyone can register for free and start earning money immediately. You’ll be able to select which topic(s) you would like to write about, select as many or as few articles to write each day, work at your own speed, and decide how much money you want to earn each day!

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About:  Find Freelance Web Designers for Custom Web Design, Graphic Designers, Programmers, Coders, Writers and more. Project4Hire.com is the place to find Freelance Programmers, Web Designers, Graphic Artists, IT Professionals, Translators, Writers, Consultants & other Freelance Professionals. If you have a project you need help on, you’ve come to the right place. Find qualified freelancers willing to do the job w. thin your budget! Post your project for free and receive bids.

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About:  ProjectSpring Freelance Computer Programmers is an online marketplace for custom software outsourcing, software jobs, freelance jobs, web design, graphic design, java and asp. Do you have a software project / buggy program ? Just post it as a project and companies / freelancers will try to outbid each other. The marketplace works through a reverse auction giving you the best deals. Post Projects for free, call for RFQs, Service Providers Bid for projects, Award project and get work done.

Website:  www.jobbi.com

About:  Here, you can find a freelance job that fits you. You can register on the site for free and start earning online as you go. You may post your resume on the site where the clients can review them.

Website:  www.freelancewriting.com

About:  Based on its name, the site is dedicated to freelancers who can write quality articles. Here, you can also read tips to improve your writing skills. You can find various writing projects to earn money online.

Website:  www.freelancejobsearch.com

About:  The site is helpful for freelancers who are looking for a freelance job as a content writer, logo designer, web programmer, and other types of categories.

Website:  www.freelanza.com

About:  The site is an online job board for freelancers who wish to find a good project to work on. Here, you can also view freelancing blogs and news.

Website:  www.authenticjobs.com

About:  If you are a web programmer or engineer, the site is a perfect place to find a freelance job. Here, you can choose to work full-time or part-time.