Follow Your Dreams

Why do you want to be self-employed or to develop a Self-Employment Opportunity?

What prompted you to decide to start your own   Home Based Business?

In order to achieve your dreams and earn the potential income of a Self-Employed business person, you need to have clarity on the above questions.

Many studies have been done on the reasons behind the failure of small businesses, start-up businesses and entrepreneurs yet  not much of this research is readily accessible to  self-employed business owners.  This information shows, however,  that the failure rate of self-employed business people  is quite high – perhaps even higher than for the other above-mentioned businesses.


As a self-employed business owner, you need to have a very good reason why you want to be involved in this type of business You then need to set achievable goals which are in line with what you are aiming to achieve in your self-employed business and then put plans into motion for how you would like to go about achieving these goals and by when..

When you run your own business from home, you have the security of knowing you are in complete control of everything on the one hand, yet the worries of handling everything yourself – from the finances and marketing of the business, right down to the day-to-day running of the business – is also worth bearing in mind. In other words, the  success of the self-employed business will all depend on you –You are responsible for all the different managerial and business functions that are normally performed by different people in the corporate sectore If something is not done there is no backup –   it stays as is.

If you are not really motivated or perform at top level the output of your business will drop and the results will be seen and felt immediately.

These and many other pitfalls exist. The success of the business will depend on your abilities, your energy levels and daily performance. There is no place to hide.

When in business for yourself as a self-employed entrepreneur, the business can only be


The main resources of the business are YOU, YOURSELF

The main assets of the business are YOU, YOURSELF

This is why it is so important to be clear in your own mind as to  WHY YOU are involved in the business you are starting.

Research has been done on the factors that can help the self-employed entrepreneur to  increase their chances of being successful. These will be discussed in subsequent articles.

Follow Your Dreams: Videos

Start with Why – Simon Sinek at US

  • Start With Why offers an unconventional perspective that explains WHY some people and organizations are more innovative, more profitable, command greater loyalties from customers and employees alike and, most importantly, are able to repeat their successes over and over.

MOTIVATION – Tony Robbins – “We Have To Do Things Better

  • In this video you will listen to Tony Robbins talking about why we do certain things and how we can do them better. This video fan video re-post and inspires me to keep my thoughts focused on providing for my family. It also reminds me that I have the power to control what happens in my life (to a point). I think so much of this video, I am posting it to my Youtube channel. I use videos like this to motivate me to build my home based business. Looking to make some extra money from home? Take a look:

Follow Your Dreams

  • Follow your dreams at any age – is it possible? In my interview with 12-year-old New Zealand viewer Olivia, we’ll talk about the publishing business she’s starting and how you’re never too old or young to follow your dreams.
  • In this video you’ll learn how to follow your dreams, even if you think age isn’t on your side. You’ll learn Olivia’s brilliant tips for taking action so you can start to follow your dreams today. If you want to follow your dreams straight to publishing a book, Olivia has some specific tips to help:

Meg Cooper Follow your dreams to business success

  • Meg Cooper is the founder and director of one of Brisbane’s largest and vibrant communities- MadDance House. From teaching dance classes in suburban church halls with 6 students to now welcoming in excess of 1500 customers a week in the CBD, Meg knows what it takes to be passionate and persistent. Meg shares her mission to inspire young people to create and execute dreams and to believe in themselves.

Choose Yourself: What James Altucher Can Teach You About Starting A Business

  • This is the TRUE story about how one man, James Altucher, makes millions, loses it all, and bounces back better than ever.
  • You’ll see how lies about being a psychic on Craigslist to meet women, convinces a hedge fund manager to let him manage money (even though he previously lost all of his own money in the stock market), and more.
  • Even though James is a wildly successful businessman (starting 20 companies, 18 of which failed), you’ll think he’s a comedian…
  • You see, while James was taking punches at his ego, he was also delivering an invaluable message:
  • You don’t need credentials to find leads, convert those leads to clients, and build a successful business.
  • All you have to do is CHOOSE YOURSELF.