Why entrepreneurs do not have to suffer in silence

Being an entrepreneur is a major step on your journey in life. It gives you a great sense of freedom when you break away from the chains of working from somebody else. Yet being self-employed comes with its own set of challenges, some of which can leave you overwhelmed at times. Entrepreneurs can have so much on their hands that they cannot juggle all elements at once, resulting in dropping some of them on the ground. Since becoming an entrepreneur is such a highly personal decision, it comes with a strong sense of pride and admitting that you are

suffering or struggling is something you do not want to do. The support from a team is also not possible for a one-man band, like many of us are.

The good news is that you do not have to suffer in silence! There are many ways and techniques to help you gain a new perspective or assist in dealing with stress. Solving a problem always starts with identifying the cause… Let us have a look at what can trigger a sense of being overwhelmed and how we can decrease your suffering in silence.

Why business can be stressful

Why entrepreneurs do not have to suffer in silence

I have used the term “overwhelmed” above as the general diagnosis of the ailment yet the root cause of the problem can be different things. The term overwhelmed means “bury or drown beneath a huge mass of something” and also “have a strong emotional effect on”. The roots are most often the unnoticed smaller problems contributing towards the larger suffering. Some of the general roots can be:

  • Simply having too much on your to-do list. Being an entrepreneur means you have to manage most business processes yourself. This means you have to manage and execute tasks yourself; there isn’t anyone around to do the smaller tasks to make the weight you carry any lighter. By knowing you are not able to get around to everything that must be done, you become stressed and overwhelmed.


  • You don’t have the ability to do everything yourself. This is different to not having the time to do it. Your strengths may lie in delivering the service or selling the product, but you might not have the aptitude to do all the admin, which will be your weakness. By struggling with certain tasks, you literally run into a wall in the middle of the entire business process. By not being efficient you become frustrated and eventually overwhelmed.


  • Difficult clients… Oh how we just love these! Difficult clients can be anything from slow payers to those individuals who nit-pick at the finest details over the purchase process. This can severely affect the cash flow of the business which is the lifeline of keeping your business running. Constantly dealing with clients who are not happy, can shake your confidence and cause you to become demotivated – ultimately leading you to become overwhelmed.

Why you do not have to suffer in silence

Why entrepreneurs do not have to suffer in silence

Millions of individuals around the world have made the move to become self-employed. They are just like you despite the fact that your business models and client may differ greatly. Tapping into the network of entrepreneurs and discussing your issues can supply you with many answers you have not thought of yourself before. Somebody else suffered in silence before you, and they have seen the light! Entrepreneurs are mostly open to sharing ideas and advice since they know what it takes to become a success.

In fact, the entire business model of Dream It Plan it Do it has been constructed around the need of entrepreneurs to provide the necessary training and support in order for you not to suffer in silence any longer. Our team of experts are all established entrepreneurs who are well-versed in their individual industries. We know how to help you. Sign up for our newsletter to receive regular updates on our great programmes.

What you can do to start coping better

Why entrepreneurs do not have to suffer in silence

To identify the roots that is causing you to suffer in silence, it will help if you know yourself well-enough to discern what is causing you to feel this way. The process of knowing yourself might take some time so let’s look at additional methods to improve the situation.

  • Simplify your to-do list. Rank the tasks from most urgent to least urgent and set realistic deadlines for each of them. Working with a set plan immediately creates breathing space and gives enough distance to get better perspective on the overall picture.


  • Give internal affliction a time-out. When you become inundated with tasks, worries and stress you are not thinking clearly and cannot work efficiently. Take time to give your mind a rest: go for a walk, hit the gym or even sleep on it. Break the habit of saying you do not have the time – not working effectively is wasting time so rather take a break! Once you have rested your mind it will be easier to focus and make better decisions. I recommend you also read one of our previous articles focusing on inner peace.


  • Investigate and measure your core beliefs. You may ask how this is related to stress and suffering in silence at work… There is actually a huge relevance! If a certain situation does not fit in or correlate with your core belief system it might be a huge source of stress. Align your business with your core beliefs and see how much of your current problems solve themselves!


  • Move away from negativity. Facing constant challenges and difficult customers can break your enthusiasm and make you pessimistic. Learn how to create more positive energy in your life and business by celebrating the good things and being thankful for even the smallest triumphs at work. Go on, make a list of 5 things you are thankful for right now and read it aloud to yourself when you are done.


  • Focus on the purpose of your business. Remember WHY you started your business and why you are selling or providing a service to your customers. Remind yourself why you believe that what you offer is beneficial to others out there and live by it. In many instances this will give you great clarity and remove unnecessary concerns when losing focus.


  • If you cannot delegate then consider outsourcing. Not all self-employed individuals have staff to support them. Ever wondered just how extremely successful entrepreneurs manage to run their large empires? They outsource! They have recognised that they cannot be the master of all trades and have tapped into the massively talented pool of other entrepreneurs to manage tasks they do not have the time or skill to do themselves. Most of the time this comes at a cheaper cost than hiring employees yourself and generally entrepreneurs specialise in a specific area, thus you get the expert for what you outsource. Remember, spending a little money to lessen your workload provides a huge return on investment for a more manageable life.

Make this a habit for stress control…

Why entrepreneurs do not have to suffer in silence

When we look at the ocean, we only see the surface with ripples, waves and reflections. We know there is something happening underneath but we cannot see it. Undercurrents have a massive influence on what is happening in the ocean – it can influence entire ecosystems (i.e. your business). In business, these “undercurrents” may not be what you see on the surface, but processes or problems causing an imbalance in what should be in synergy.

Bad undercurrents might be poor marketing, unstructured processes or inaccurate administration. It can you your staff, or lack thereof. It can also be the overall company culture or corporate identity.

Why am I pointing this out? In order to effectively deal with stress and break the cycle of suffering in silence, you need to create a habit of looking at the big picture. Set out a dedicated timeslot (read: no interruptions) at least once a week to monitor all processes together and look at the synergy factor of all processes together. Make time to:

  • Intensively look at all aspects of your business
  • Identify possible bottlenecks, as well as the impact it has on other areas of your business
  • Setting solutions and procedures in place to cure the issues at hand
  • Monitor weak areas identified continually and measure the progress
  • Get expert help when you cannot solve the issue yourself – it can save you business!

Having an honest and realistic outlook on your entire business is essential to identify, measure and grow strengths and weaknesses. Not only will you actively address the roots of your stress and suffering, but by having the correct procedures in place you will turn the roots of your concerns into reasons to celebrate.


Be real about life! Throw away the belief that entrepreneurs should be immediately successful when they become self-employed. Throw away the pride – struggling as a business is nothing to be ashamed of. You are not going through this alone. You do not have to suffer in silence. You are part of a global community of entrepreneurs, 400 million worldwide. In South Africa alone you have more than 200 000 peers working for themselves. Knowing that you are part of a large group and having a great resource such as Dream It Plan It Do It should be a great motivating factor to drive your business to greater heights. We believe you can do it!