When to jump ship

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How do you evaluate whether this very moment is the one to take the plunge?

Entrepreneurial Challenges Newsletter Sixty-Third Edition - When to jump ship

When to jump ship

Every startup founder goes through this inner battle, yet few know what indicators to look for.  While everyone’s situation is unique in their own way, there are a few critical indicators that can help you determine if the timing is right—before making the leap.  The decision is yours, but if you can hold strong and focus on building a real income-producing business before making the leap; then you’ll have one less thing to worry about when you make your transition.  Read more here.

Entrepreneurial Challenges Newsletter Sixty-Third Edition – Latest articles on Dream It! Plan It! Do It!

Entrepreneurial Challenges Newsletter Sixty-Third Edition - When to jump ship

A list of the worst business advice you can follow — ever

Do What You Love:  Although it may seem like a nice notion, this popular saying is widely considered one of the worst pieces of business advice out there. Just because you love doing something doesn’t mean that others will find it helpful or necessary. There’s plenty of advice out there for how to start and run a business. But not all of it is good. In fact, there are some common sayings that are actually some of the worst business advice out there. Click here to read them all.

Entrepreneurial Challenges Newsletter Sixty-Third Edition - When to jump ship

Get the right insurance for your small business

Insurance is essential to protect your business assets and finances, but many business owners view it as a complicated and expensive responsibility.  The good news is that you can insure your business cost-efficiently and without difficulty. But you need to choose the right insurer and cover that suits your pocket and business needs.  Let’s look at the most important cover you should consider.  Click here to view the checklist.


Entrepreneurial Challenges Newsletter Sixty-Third Edition – Interesting Reads

Entrepreneurial Challenges Newsletter Sixty-Third Edition - When to jump ship

Boost your small business with these marketing trends

Since small businesses lack the capital for marketing and advertising that big businesses typically possess, it is even more important to take full advantage of your marketing opportunities. One way for your small business to gain a competitive edge is to latch onto the latest effective marketing trends to attract new customers and build customer relationships. Use these hot marketing techniques to expand the customer base and revenues for your small business.

Entrepreneurial Challenges Newsletter Sixty-Third Edition - When to jump ship

Success story:  How this South African animation company did it

Triggerfish Animation Studios is a South African film and entertainment animation company which produced the award-winning feature films Adventures in Zambezia and Khumba. It has also recently created the animation for Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes TV series, which premiered on BBC at the end of last year.  But the company’s journey to success has been far from easy and Stuart Forrest, the man behind the business, has seen Triggerfish through many challenging times – including liquidation… Read more here.

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Entrepreneurial Challenges Newsletter Sixty-Third Edition: Inspirational quote

“Be able to let things go, and listen to those around you and your customer. Find out what it is that people actually want.” – Stuart Forrest, Triggerfish

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