Your thoughts create your reality

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Why you need an attitude of gratitude to succeed in life

Entrepreneurial Challenges Newsletter Eighty-Second Edition - Your thoughts create your reality

Your thoughts create your reality

Our thoughts determine our words, our actions, and who we are.  Our natural inclination is to think, talk and act negatively, unless we manage it.  Our circumstances will not change – we must change. The reasons for negativity will not change.  Do we want to allow the circumstances to destroy our reality – or do we want to take control of our own future? I am convinced that developing an attitude of gratitude is the best and easiest way to change one’s thinking and mind-set.  I would like to share my experiences with you here.

Entrepreneurial Challenges Newsletter Eighty-Second Edition – Latest articles on Dream It! Plan It! Do It!

Entrepreneurial Challenges Newsletter Eighty-Second Edition - Your thoughts create your reality

Funding and financial assistance for SA women entrepreneurs

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor revealed that the typical South African entrepreneur is male and between the ages of 25 and 44. However, the number of women entrepreneurs is growing and they are starting businesses previously dominated by men.  SEDA noted that 72% of micro-enterprises and 40% of small enterprises are currently owned by women. Government and private enterprises have put programmes and funds in place aimed at empowering the women of South Africa.  Starting a business is always a challenging objective, what makes it more challenging is trying to find funding to get your innovative idea of the ground.  Click here for funds- and financial assistance programmes for women entrepreneurs in South Africa.

Entrepreneurial Challenges Newsletter Eighty-Second Edition - Your thoughts create your reality

Entrepreneurial kids up for success

If your kid is interested in launching his or her own business, there are ways you can provide the support he or she needs: Don’t shy away from reality, be the right kind of helpful, and provide perspective.  “Mom, I want to become an entrepreneur just like you.  ”How would these words make you feel? While typical kids are playing video games, yours is planning for the future — and that’s impressive.  Read more here.





Entrepreneurial Challenges Newsletter Eighty-Second Edition – Interesting Reads

3 Books every franchise buyer needs to read

Rick Grossmann is a leading franchise industry expert with over 20 years of experience in helping both franchisors and franchisees grow their businesses. A successful franchisor himself, Rick developed a high tech/high touch franchise marketing and sales system selling hundreds of franchises in North America capturing ranking in Entrepreneur magazine’s Top 500 franchises in less than three years. He reckons that there are many new authors in the franchise and small business category that have written some very helpful books and he has been asked to recommend books to help franchisors and franchise owners.  Take a look at his recommendations here.

Entrepreneurial Challenges Newsletter Eighty-Second Edition - Your thoughts create your reality

Success story:  Legwear Safari Founder Tracy Kruger

How do you find a concept that hasn’t been done to death already?  For Tracy, it was all about solving a problem that she was experiencing herself as a consumer. The idea first came about when her husband Marius was looking for legwear to buy for her as a gift. There was nothing available that really suited her taste and style. “Everything was either very cheap or super-expensive. There was nothing for the average person. Also, there weren’t enough designs and colours to choose from. I’ve never been a black or beige person.”  Click here to read about Tracy’s successful e-commerse site.

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If you see a bandwagon, it’s too late. – James Goldsmith

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