Employment world

The employment world is changing very fast. It is important to understand these changes and to adapt to them for your financial survival. Each of us must understand this and take action.

Job security is dead. Realise it. Adapt to it. That will be the only way to secure financial survival in this fast changing employment world.

Each of us has certain skills, talents and knowledge. The ability of each of us to use, adapt and optimize these will determine our ability to survive financially.

“The biggest mistake you can make is to believe that you work for someone else.” Jackson Brown

If you do have that attitude that you are working for someone else as Jackson Brown pointed out you are making a big mistake and do not understand the employment world and job environment of this century.

In the employment world there is an oversupply of unskilled, semiskilled and people with no special skills. Due to this oversupply of people in these categories they will not have job security. They do not have any bargaining power with regard to remuneration on any job related issues.

The opportunities of the skills shortage in the employment world

The employment world however has a big skills shortage. The employment world are begging for people that do have the ability to master unique and the new skills needed in the economy of the 21st century.

The new employment world is looking for people that are willing to adapt to this new environment. This implies a willingness to change and take action and learn one or more new high demand skills.

Whether we do act or not will depend on our attitude and habits. Not circumstances on any outside factor or influence must or can determine your decision on this.

The more you are equipped to sell and market your unique skills and knowledge that you have mastered the more value or income you will be able to generate for yourself and your family.

The challenge for each of us in this new employment world is:

  • to realise the importance of change
  • the willingness to act
  • to become a master of a skilled needed in the new economy
  • to develop the ability to monetise that unique skill we have mastered.

On this website dream it plan it do it we want to make employed and self-employed people we’re of these opportunities and guide them on the journey to achieve their dreams.