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Dream-Believe-Achieve are stories from successful self-employed people and their lessons of how they overcame obstacles to start and develop their own businesses.

The stories from successful self-employed business people will be used to promote their trade and create more employment opportunities in their businesses, and motivate others to begin their own self-employment opportunities.

The present economic policies are virtually in every country of the world, and will not be able to solve the unemployment problems these countries face. New ways of thinking and action plans must be developed to create employment opportunities. Electronic communication and other related new technologies must be used to solve these issues.

It is my dream to make a contribution to this unemployment problem. My plan is to get as many stories as possible from successful self-employed people. I want to help these self-employed business people to expand their businesses and employ more people into their own businesses. These stories will be inspirational stories from self-employed role models to inspire others to develop their own self-employed businesses. This plan will thus help unemployment in two ways: helping people to expand their businesses and inspire unemployed people to begin their own businesses.

If you are self-employed and have dreams to expand your business we would like to promote your business. Using storytelling and the stories of businesses has proved to be an important and integral part of a successful marketing campaign. We want to use your story as part of such a campaign to grow your business. In the same process you will help us to inspire others on their journey to achieve their dreams. Get in contact with us and we will provide you with more information in this regard. It will not cost you anything!

“A dream is the seed of a possibility planted in the soul of a human being, which calls him to pursue a unique path to the realiztion of his purpose”  Sharon Hull

Research has been done on why people fail to achieve their full potential in life, live their dreams or implement the good business ideas they have. Different people have different opinions about these reasons. Basically the most important factor preventing people from achieving their business and career dreams is their way of thinking. People think limiting thoughts. They are influenced by the negative thinking of others. Why something cannot be done instead of thinking why it can be done. This thinking and circumstances dictate their dreams and by implication their future success and happiness. Learn from the stories of these role models who have been able to overcome negative thinking. They have been able to achieve success irrespective of the circumstance surrounding them or the obstacles they have faced. They developed a positive mental attitude and focused on their business dreams to achieve success.

If you are unemployed, frustrated or uncertain about your future then read the stories of these role models. Believe in yourself, develop your action plans, and achieve your dreams. Dream believe achieve.

You will learn that you are not on your own with those problems and that many others have the same problems. Learn how they have overcome their obstacles and achieved their dreams. These are true inspirational stories for everybody. You will learn from these stories that there is a solution for you too. You must take action, and now is the time! These people have done it- you can too. This is what I would like to achieve with these articles and the others that will follow.

The model we are developing implies a win-win situation, for the self-employed businesses person and the budding entrepreneur who wants to start their own business. In the process new employment opportunities are also being created to the benefit of the unemployed.

Realise your dreams to achieve something significant

Dream – Believe – Achieve