This part of the training course for entrepreneurs entitled “How to Boost your Business Revenue with Powerful Selling” is brought to you by in collaboration with Grodynamix

This topic shows how you can create true value for you and your customers and improve sales revenue by developing a fresh sales mind-set.

The Main Points covered to increase sales revenue are:

  • The current linear sales mind-set that most businesses have
  • How buyer characteristics are changing
  • How you need to update your sales philosophy to one of shared value creation.

In the previous topic we examined the notion that buying is a linear process in the mind of the buyer – one that is sequential and predictable. We concluded that our view of buying is out-dated; that it is not a simple step-by-step cycle in one direction after all.

Buyers no longer depend on the seller as the expert, the authority figure, and they no longer behave in a nice orderly, predictable way when making a buying decision.

Now here’s the critical question: If your buyers have changed in the way they think and operate, shouldn’t you?

This module encourages you to adopt a new mind-set that attracts buyers to you and your business. It acknowledges that customers know what they need and want, better than you do.  They have a lot to offer.  Business has to involve them as equals in the process of buying and selling.

You will discover that the benefits of adopting this new dynamic mind-set in your business are huge. You will sell more and significantly grow your sales revenue.

This module gives you a clear picture of what modern consumers expect, and how to change your sales focus in order to generate sustainable levels of sales income.

Always keep in mind what the famous Zig Ziglar said: “People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.”