Do you clearly see your dream vision?

You must now translate your dream into a clear vision that is compelling enough to keep you motivated. Once you have a clear vision, you can look for the right strategy to reach your vision, how to manage the process. With no clear vision, your strategy will take you nowhere (Maxwell, 2009:25, Covey, 1989:101). You vision gives you the destination that you want to reach and your strategy is the road map to get there (Covey, 1989:101).

Make sure you have a clear vision – do not think of the strategy to reach it, do not think of the how, the limitations, the resources needed.  Decide what your target is without limiting it. Decide what the perfect future would be. To bring clarity and vision to your dream, you need to be specific on where you are heading, what you want and to make sure that it fits into your value system (Maxwell, 2009:27; Covey, 1989:103).

You have to write your vision down and look at it every day. You can only share your vision if it is crystal clear to and specific. Only when you know what, then can you start thinking about the how or strategy needed to reach it (Maxwell, 2009:28).  If you are not specific in your vision, you do not know what you striving for. You have to define it clearly if you want to reach it, you cannot reach a fuzzy vision (Maxwell, 2009:29). You need to specify what you want to be (character) and what you want to do (contributions and achievements) based on the values and principles that are important to you (Covey, 1989:106). You need to know specifics:

  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • What do you want to experience?
  • What do you want to contribute?
  • Who do you want to become?

If you cannot define it, you cannot achieve it. You need to know what you want if you want to get it (Maxwell, 2009:27).

It is not easy to take dream and make it into a real and clear vision. Some people will go off on their own to think or meditate, others will write down their thoughts and others will do deliberately research or talk to others (Maxwell, 2009:33).

Whatever is your natural way of thinking, try to determine where you are, what you know and what you want in terms of your dream. Then find resources to help you clarify your dream into a vision. You can read books on the subject, watch movies or documentaries, talk to inspiring people, talk to people in similar situations, visit inspiring places; all with the goal to give you confidence, sharpen the picture in your head and work out the details (Maxwell, 2009:33-34).

Once you have brought your dream into focus, you should feel that you are going in the right direction, that you are finding your purpose (Maxwell, 2009:34).

A clear vision should help you to keep your priorities straight; it helps you to see the big picture (Maxwell, 2009:37). Nobody can have it all.  If you do not see your dream clearly, you will not know where your priorities must lie and what you need to sacrifice to get there. You need to make your choices based on what will get you closer to dream.  If you do not have a clear vision, you will not have clear priorities (Maxwell, 2009:38).

If your vision is not clear to you, you cannot share it with the people whom you need to achieve it. If you have a fuzzy vision, others will not know how to help you achieve it.  Clarity brings persistence, motivation and initiative. People cannot be motivated by something they do not see or understand; they cannot work together if they do not know what they are working for (Maxwell, 2009:39).